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    Has double the cast time (4 sec instead of 2) compared to the classes that have it, while some classes have it as instant even. It also doesn't have a 100% success rate making it super unreliable.
    All druids now have a 2 second cast time for Rebirth. DK version while instant requires 30 Runic Power to use, so essentially there's always a trade off anyway.

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    You can't predict something when you have nothing to go off of. Classes haven't even started to get numerical tuning yet and a lot of specs are still getting weekly reworks.
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    Trust me.

    Zyky is better than you.

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    this is the same shit before every xpac…..

    people want to roll the "best class" for the next xpac so they ask about what its like on the beta, roll whatever class pull the biggest Numbers/got the best utility/etc, in beta…..

    ……. and two month after release, when the nerf bat fall from the sky, they come back to the forums and starts shitstorms. every fkn xpac.

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    With the no gear swap thingy, it'll be even more the same comps as in Legion, with a wildcard such as overtuned Monks. Classes like Warlocks and Rogues can get by without having to run stamina/defensive trinkets all run.

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    @ The people who brought up the Time Shifter bres consumable - it's present in the database, but it's not actually able to be learned ingame on beta. It just doesn't exist on the engineering trainer or unlearned recipes window. Hasn't been there since they introduced it to the database.
    Reasonably sure they decided to not go ahead with it.

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    Like any beta, nothing is set in stone til it hits live, but if past xpacs are anything to go off of...

    RDruid will likely end up pretty good if only for the way their healing scales with low amount of targets (mastery in particular), bear form, stealth (skips have been a thing the last 3 xpacs for at least a while in each), and CC (typhoon/vortex wasn't really touched by the cc prune afaik). Numerically, all the healers will probably end up around the same assuming blizzard doesn't shit the bed, so its more healing style/utility/cooldowns that matter.

    Disc might be good because they actually have a defensive now and shields are much more frequent (though smaller). Rapture is a good defense against one-shots, though the cd is a bit long for that functionality. Their damage will be solid, and with SCK, Holy Nova, and druid legendaries getting gutted their lack of aoe dps won't be as big of an issue.

    For tanks I think BDK will come off as weak at the start of the xpac due to low haste levels, but after the first raid or maybe a bit into the second raid they'll pull ahead back to god-tier status. Self sustain and gorefiend's are still op in 5 mans.

    DH is likely to be good as well for the same reasons as DK.

    Monk/Bear/Warrior going to remain garbage tier because of a lack of self healing, and specifically a lack of group utility. They don't offer grip, they don't offer aoe silence, etc. Warrior with Safeguard could be useful depending on how important surviving one-shot damage is this xpac, but with 0 self healing I doubt the trade will be worth it. Paladin is a wild card depending on tuning, imo. If HotP is strong enough to let paladins mostly stay alive, then their toolkit is still strong for 5 mans, but if they're tuned more around consecrate and SotR, then they won't have the self-sustain to compete with DK/DH.

    For dps, assuming the one-shot fiesta continues into BfA, Rogue/Lock/Druid are going to be good yet again. There's almost always a mage and hunter spec that can compete as well, since between all their specs they always have at least some unique utility (spell steal, feign resetting, md, whatever). At the start of the xpac before one-shots are relevant, you'll likely see specs like Arms/Fury/Havoc/WW doing well too due to burst aoe being important. All signs point to shaman and shadow being garbage again barring insane number and defensive changes. Dps will mostly come down to tuning aside from the first few I listed, until we get back to one-shot territory.

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