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    Orphea - First Nexus Hero?, Spirit Healer Auriel Preview

    A few new hero icons were added to the game files with yesterday's PTR build, all relating to someone named Orphea. Given that we first heard of this name in the recent Raven Lord comic, we might be looking at our first hero originating from within the Nexus itself!
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

    Spirit Healer Auriel Preview
    A new World of Warcraft-inspired Spirit Healer skin for Auriel is coming. It comes in three variants: Spirit Healer Auriel, Vengeful Spirit Healer Auriel, and Ethereal Spirit Healer Auriel. It is scheduled to released during the week of June 19th.

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    Well that is some odd art. Very un-Blizzard. But it would be an interesting hero reveal, since this looks like a 3d model.
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    Looks like an NPC backround model for a map or something maybe? Doesn't seem anything like Blizzards character art style.

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    Seems likely, since some of those icons are specifically "hero select" and "minimap." I wouldn't mind, personally, since the Nexus has its own special characters as well.
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    With those red eyes, I bet she's a vampire!
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    My guess is that we may hear more about Orphea on Gamescom. Maybe along with second warcraft map what was suggested by Aoxotl.
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    Might just be related to a PvE brawl?

    Auriel skin looks nice, not as good as SMOrc Johanna, though.

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    She looks like a creepy doll... I don't like it! Get the demon doll away! ="(
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