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    Few people probably but who cares? Its overpowered. From a PvE perspective, you hardly ever need healing, which is broken. From a PvP perspective, it's silly that a spell with so much healing (plus damage reduction on enemies if talented) does so much damage: at least make warlocks choose between damage and self healing.

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    The only thing fun about SB was nightfall procs, but even without drain soul healing, a channel is still always better than a hardcast because if you have to move say 75% of the way in to a channel, at least it still does SOME damage, whereas if you have to move 75% of the way in to a shadow bolt cast you don't do any damage at all.
    Because for some people the last part of your posts isnt that important and they also happen to like SB as a spell more then DS?
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    It is not disfigurement if it looks better.

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