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    They will simply notice you are online 24/7, they will whine to a GM if you are hindering their progress and you will get banned.

    Back in 2005 the manpower of GMs and importance of tickets with how buggy the game was, account sharing wasnt allowed, but only major major cases were looked at which is why the majority got away with it.

    In 2018, it will take less than 1h to get you banned ;p

    Also, the "PvP cartel" as you call it, is needed for winning,if you dont win your honor gain will be less than theirs, aka you will never have a chance.

    Dont forget, who gets what was looked at with honor gain, nothing else, compared to the rest of the server at least.

    So if PvP cartel thats gonna get Rank 14 has 1.2mil honor for that week, good luck outfarming him.
    Thanks automated report system. Billions of dollars and they can't even be bothered to look at cases individually anymore.

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    It was possible back in vanilla, the week I got Grand Marshal, another Alliance (a warlock) also got it from their own PvP team.

    I wasn't even aware he was in the race until I saw him also buying his weapons on reset day.

    For reference I was doing about 1,200,000 honour per week for the last rank, playing about 16 hours a day.

    If your cartel is only getting 1.2m honour a week farming 24/7, they are garbage anyway.

    These days I'm afraid that the min/max mentality will make it all but impossible without a cartel.
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