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    WoW is 10 times better now than it was in 2005, and whoever claims otherwise is a moron. Classic servers, if they even become a reality, will almost immediately die out when all the 19-year olds who had no idea what they were talking about realise that Vanilla was complete shit.

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    Thing is, there was a BiS list for people to work towards back then. And it was a fulfillable list, there was 2 checks... 1) Did your item drop? 2) Do you have enough dkp to get it?

    Now its: 1) Did any items drop for you at all? 2) If yes, is it an upgrade? 3) Was it the piece you were after? Or just a +1 ilvl boost? 4) Does it have the right secondary stats? 5) Did it warforge or titanforge? 6) Did it proc a socket?

    Adding to that I stuck around for so long in order to collect old sets, mounts and items for my collection, especially the older ones (54 runs for Eye of Sulfuras, about the same for the phoenix mount from Kael). The newer ones did not really speak to me, and now they abandon class sets completely.
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    I'm fine with a mafia. Of course, the mafia families often worked with independent third parties in order to maintain relations.

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    That's just an immature way of thinking. "If I can't have the best I don't want anything at all!!!"
    It’s not. In Cata, I remember getting a best in slot drop and thinking - “hey, this is the best thing I could possibly get! That’s pretty cool. I’m going to be wearing this until the next expansion.”

    That feeling is gone from the game now, because unless you’re extraordinarily lucky, there’s always a better piece.

    Back then you had a bis list and you were excited when you got one, very straightforward. Now, getting a drop is often “well this one has better stats but that one is warforged but my third one has avoidance, and my 4th has a socket. Is this even an upgrade?”

    I find that less satisfying and just kind of annoying.
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    This war was literally KingKong fighting vs giant dinosaur and some humans (UK, USA, CAN) shot a missile on the back of the dinosaur so that kingkong could beat him with the final punch while he was looking in the back. This is the best analogy...

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