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    Battle for Azeroth - Simultaneous Launch in all Regions

    Battle for Azeroth - Simultaneous Launch in all Regions
    Originally Posted by Blizzard
    For the first time in World of Warcraft® history, the next expansion—Battle for Azeroth™—will launch in the Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, and Australia/New Zealand at the same time. Wherever you live and whatever faction you fight for, you can be part of one globally unified front as the battle for Azeroth begins.

    Check the details below for the exact time you can begin logging in to explore Kul Tiras—for the Alliance!— or Zandalar—for the Horde!—in World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion.

    • Americas (PDT) - August 13* 3:00p.m.
    • Europe (CEST) - August 14 12:00a.m.
    • Taiwan (CST) - August 14 6:00a.m.
    • Korea (KST) - August 14 7:00a.m.
    • ANZ (AEST) - August 14 8:00a.m.
    • UTC - August 13 10:00p.m.

    See you in Azeroth, friends.

    *To align with other regions, the Americas will launch slightly ahead of August 14 in local time.
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    ...location, location!
    I can actually see an expansion's launch event for once!

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    Time to start doing some secret tuning to this pc from work to handle bfa at least for the 2 first hours of launch before i finish my shift that day

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    6pm is a nice start for me. They should have at least got away from Midnight launches a while a go.

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    Poor login servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    Poor login servers.
    Nah it'll be fine.

    Sharding will be on as well as CRZ so should just be as smooth as Legion.

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    Much better. Its always launched I think at midnight for east coast. So i'd always get a few hours in. Go to sleep. And everyone would be around 9 hours ahead.

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    Nice, can't wait!

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    New Zealand, better than Old Zealand!

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    This should be applied to every patch/raid release.

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    inb4 "we didn't know there would be this many people"... again

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    Good, Europe got midnight, starting expansion in the middle of night is pretty cool. And in addition 15. August is holiday in my country, so I need only 1 day off from work ;D). Of course still I would prefer weekend (if tech is similar to Legion, they should handle it), but I understand why they don't want to risk total overload.

    Now let's hope it will be more than Legion (when I got 110 first day and was able to start Suramar and grab Valarjar emissary before it vanished next day) than WoD (when I said "fuck this broken shit" on 2 am).

    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    Poor login servers.
    No one was expecting Blizz to launch BfA at same time on every region. So if they're doing it, it's pretty good sign they are confident with their tech. So far every Legion patch (with notable exception of 7.3.5) and launch were executed perfectly.
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    5pm is my out from work, I should be playing around 5:45 if everything goes smooth.

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    Wow, nice. Not another 3am Eastern launch - that works for me. Able to get plenty of time in before fatigue starts setting in.

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    11PM? Oh well, I’ll get an extra few hours sleep beforehand.

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    The days written on the map are wrong.

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    Nice to see EU getting screwed again. Cant NA get the midnight release while EU getting the 4PM? Ofc not.

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    I dont get this stupid american timeformat (like all of american formats btw). Does it mean Paris at 00:00 or 12:00 in real Time-Format?

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    LoL I'm taking that day off to get over Conference Crud / Jet Lag from getting home from defcon; WOO

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    BFA, not making any promises as anything can happen, might have one of smoothest launches. I like what they're doing with mapping the times like this, too.

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