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    [A] LF Early Evening or Weekend Raid Guild

    As the title states, I am looking for a new home in BFA. I am starting my search now as this is not something I wish to rush. I want to take my time to make sure I find the right fit.

    Ideally what I am looking for:

    -Alliance guild, any US server
    -Preferably a 2 day guild, would consider 3 day
    -Early evenings on weekdays (6-9pm ET), and/or weekend mornings/early afternoons (9am-2pm ET)
    -Guild with some kind of history, nothing newly formed. Really looking for reliability here.
    -Heroic progression focused, with attempts at mythic later in a tier after heroic is on farm and if time/interest allows
    -Mythic+/RGB's on off nights
    -Easy going, welcoming environment. A group that understands people work all week and just want to play the game for fun with no stress.

    Who I am:

    My main is a 941 affliction warlock which I plan to continue for BFA. Will probably offspec demo. I am currently unsubbed so my item level is as of several months ago. I am a previous heroic progression raider. I was in a set guild but then took some time off to focus on stuff in my real life. Was finally finishing up my degree (after only 8 years lol) and getting situated in a new full time job. Due to my working hours, I require the above listed raid times.

    As stated before, I am currently unsubbed, however I will be coming back to the game very soon.

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    Sacred is a pretty casual guild on US-Earthen Ring. Sounds similar to what you're describing, hit us up if you're interested- you can add me on btag (Elay#1208) or message Renala in game.
    Sacred is a mature guild that raids 2 nights heroic progression, 1 night normal open/alt run. Raid times are Tues/Wed 7 pm-10 pm EST. Casual/alt run Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm EST

    All roles/classes welcome. Our raiding lock would really, really love it if another lock joined so she can stop dropping lock closets every 5 minutes. Looking for active raiders who want to give mythic a try next expansion. We are a pretty casual guild, a lot of mature players but we do have a few young folks in the guild. We have a few rules. Please keep guild chat PG, we have some young folks. No swearing, politics, religion, or soliciting. Please be polite to fellow guildies. That's about it.

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