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    If there is no traffic, then who is honking? Are we talking about geese walking around on the road while you watch them on a traffic cam?
    When people say there is no traffic, that doesn't mean the road is completely deserted.

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    As much as people criticize the police for not letting them flagrantly break the law at the expense of others, most people would agree we're better off with them than without them.

    For every deserved criticism they get when they abuse their power they should also get compliments for doing their jobs correctly, but that usually doesn't happen. Instead we mostly just get...

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    When people say there is no traffic, that doesn't mean the road is completely deserted.
    When people say "ATM machine", they mean ATM. People are morons.

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    Reminds me off how the police in Roterdam can just confiscate stuff because the person 'looks' like he does not own it/can afford it.

    Bash the fascists.
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    Can you call me when that happens? Don't watch TV normally but for this I will put it on.
    ^In response to a hypothetical about Trump molesting kids on live TV.

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    Police are like everyone else; they deserve praise when they do their job well, and criticisms when they don't.

    I won't hate the police for a ticket (beyond the very human outburst I'll have behind his back for all of thirty seconds). However I will speak harshly of gross incompetence or excessive use of violence from an officer. On the flipside, those who do a great job are amongst the most exemplary citizens of any country.

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