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    They have to go go go to the bathroom real bad bad bad.
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    Cause they want shit done fast and sloppy, just like how 99% of them play.

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    They live short and brutal lives in the rainforests so they have to cram in as much WoW while they can. On the plus side they did have real life temples.

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    in south america, they play CS GO GO GO

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    If so many people tell you to go, you're probably being obnoxiously slow

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    Some people drink or smoke whilst playing, apparently some snort whilst playing.

    But seriously, impatience is kinda a given after some of those load screens...

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    Yesterday I have encountered one of these guys in HC pug constantly shouting if we can go, ended up doing 500k dps on 960 toon. Got a titanslayer achi.. never moved an inch during fight

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    Because the favelas are consistently the worst players in WoW, so of course their mentalities will be inferior as well.
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    This definitely ran it's course by now. Please don't make threads based on race/location as folks can't play nice.
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