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    RBG God returns

    Hey guys - just wanna make sure this isnt the wrong forums // 2K mmr rbgs goin live and litty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa
    We don't allow threads like this. The site isn't your personal place to advertise your stream.

    Quote Originally Posted by Splenda
    Don't advertise here, please.
    You've been told multiple times to not advertise and you are still doing it! In the same forum section no less!
    Expansion leak claiming Legion is the last expansion
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    NO it will be me laughing at how you doubted this....
    Quote Originally Posted by golds
    I was right

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    new amnesia confirmed

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    Stop, you are not making people want to watch your stream, you are making people hate you.

    Literally joined just to say this.

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    Closing. Do. Not. Advertise. Here. Your account will just get banned for that. You can share your videos in the appropriate sticky- but do not advertise here, please.
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