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    I'd like a batman film that actually puts some effort into the detective side of batman.

    They always just end up showing us poor Martha and Thomas Wayne getting shot, a training montage, a monologue from alfred, some flying around in the dark and then kicking a villains butt.

    Have an engaging story where batman actually needs to use his detective skills/gear and start from there.

    I always liked the story of Scarecrow hiding a chemical bomb in Gotham hes trying to find. And while hes distracted the joker is brewing up something sinister

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led ++ View Post
    The secret identity isn't to protect himself obviously, it's to protect everyone around him that's dear to him.
    That would make sense if he had people around him that were dear to him other than Alfred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    Hey, at least Batman wears a onesie and has a mask. Superman just puts glasses on.
    Well, you have a point there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_bushido View Post
    Honestly, if they're going to make more Batman movies (because of course they are) I'd rather them just forget the origin crap and do more "a day in the life of Batman" stuff, as opposed to the usual "fate of the city/world hangs in the balance" crap. Kind of like Dredd...only with a cape...and slightly less wanton murder execution.
    I would like to see a Batman movie from a Criminals perspective.

    Have it be a group of terrorists holding a building, and have the Batman take them out one by one, make it feel like a horror movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    That would make sense if he had people around him that were dear to him other than Alfred.
    You could apply the same to any other Superhero generally. Most of them do have people that are dear to them.

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    Another swing and miss, I can already promise you that much...

    Why can't they simply bring the Arkham games to the big screen? That's pure box office gold right there, if they canst the right people for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    How about an alternate universe version of Batman, where Bruce's parents don't die, and he grows up to be a lazy, entitled, billionaire playboy who spends daddy's money left and right on cars, clothes, booze, women, so basically everything Bruce does now, except he's a complete wimp who's never done anything athletic in his life, who's never fought with anything in his life, not even a jar of pickles, who isn't educated, who just spends all of his days on social media spewing nonsense.

    Someone like Jaden Smith could be in the starring role.
    You mean Flashpoint Paradox? Where Bruce dies and the father becomes Batman and the mother becomes Joker.

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