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    Lost Vikings rework?

    Gotta say that at this point in the game, these guys really REALLY suck.

    Its a damn shame, I love playing them, and they've got great personalities,
    but man, they are just too squishy and ineffective.

    Anyone else think they need one?

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    I think they’re are in need of a rework like raynor. As butcher i am happy when versing them cause i know majority of the time the people who play them can not multi task or as alarak who can get a lot of sadism from them. I have seen good LV players but its pretty rare.

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    They recently mentioned TLV are not on their soonTM list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4lmung View Post
    They recently mentioned TLV are not on their soonTM list.

    Yep, but if they actually do something with them, they will want give them an power to stay in group, instead spliting on all lanes.

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    Hopefully, it's more incentive to also play with them on the same lane if you like, at an earlier point in the game. Splitting them'd be nice and viable, but going together like Rexxar would work nicely too.

    Having Spin-to-Win and Jump be baseline or available at lower levels in the game would be interesting, maybe earlier Large and in Charge as well, these in particular make them really nice when together. Everything is good, so long Spin-to-Win and Jump, if staying as talents, aren't put on the same level.

    They'll do it right if the Vikings still feel like they're individual units, that you're free to send wherever you like on different tasks, it's what makes them so unique and fun.

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    If only they'd fix the bugs as well like the way one of the Vikings stops in it's tracks when you sprint or jump plus many more situations.

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    I played them with 65-70% winrate and haven’t touched them sinne the nerf. I understand that they needed to nerf XP from them but makeing talents for qwe was stupid

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