I know this is a shot in the dark, but we played a level 25 game on 6-13. So...

We played a game, myself with a deck I FINALLY built after (a lot) of work. I won because we were level Chicken (probably called 25?) but you still tried.

That's what I did and it's worth it.

I messed up and logged before I could friend and message you but I remember what it was like at that level with a newer deck. It just...fucking sucks. But it gets better, it really does. I've spent roughly $15 on the game and I still win and enjoy it AND the $15 was a gift from a friend.

My name was Helleborn and I had a better deck. I didn't PLAY better (because I'm not terribly good at the game) but you kept going and I wanna just reach out to you and tell you this game is freaking fun, it just takes some time investment to learn the cards when you're new.