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    Balance druid LF Advice

    Twitch.tv/baalboski // druid POV

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    noone? ugh -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baalboski View Post
    noone? ugh -.-
    Well your title says you're "looking for advice" and then you link a twitch link. What exactly do you expect? We have no clue what advice you're looking for.

    If you're asking people to go to your twitch and watch a video, your expectations of us is vastly overestimated.

    Now if you're actually looking for advice about the spec, like your title says, feel free to ask what you need, and I or someone else would be more than happy to help you out. Meanwhile, if it's a pretty simple question, there's plenty of resources on the Druid Discord (Dreamgrove) or various guides to help you out.
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    where can i find the druid discord?

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    You can't advertise your stream here.
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