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    It's more about focusing on what you care about and want to dedicate your time to. Evaluate what those things are that you think you should be doing instead and why you want to do them more. Write it down, divide it into manageable, realistic pieces. Then...

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    I somehow almost ost complete interest over them when I turned 23, I play single player games sometimes but thats it, like 3-4 hours a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyalona View Post
    No, I mean, what do you mean by having nothing else to do? You mean you come home from work and you have free time? But every free minute you have is an opportunity to do anything you could possibly do. You could go outside and take a stroll in the park. You could visit some other city, some other country. You could go out and meet women. Anything. Why would you pick video games?

    Every one here will immediately answer this with "because it's fun". But that's not an answer. Any of the other things I listed are fun.
    I explained it there, by "nothing else to do" I mean time I can use for hobbies. Or general leisure. Taking a walk, sitting at a park bench, what the fuck ever, can be done with that time, but as I also stated, it keeps circling back to video games being the preferred activity on my lonesome, because it's one I truly enjoy. The other hobbies and activities might be fun for a time, but it's like a honeymoon period; it gets stale after some time or only provides enjoyment in cycles. This hasn't happened with video games for these 26-28 years I've gamed. I may not always be in the mood to game, but that's a momentary thing that last small periods, from hours to a day or few, OR I may be more inclined to check out some Youtube or Netflix at the time. As a hobby video games have still consistently interested me, while all the rest I've tried haven't. I partook in ballroom dancing lessons last autumn, but it began to bore me by February, so I'm on an indefinite "break" from it.

    Social interaction is another matter, something I enjoy more than gaming. It counts as "something to do", which makes hobbies unavailable at that time. I instigate gatherings when I feel like it, but I don't always feel like it, I'm not an extrovert. For the rest of the time, I spend on hobbies, which is mainly gaming. Hope that clears your confusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyalona View Post
    Just doing what you wanna do is gonna turn your life into chaos. This is nothing an adult does. An adult doesn't sit down and say, I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do. An adult sits down and thinks "what needs doing?" "what is the thing I am avoiding?" "what is the thing that is going to improve my life". Playing video games is just escapism. It's no different than plugging into the matrix to escape the harsh reality that machines are controlling your life.
    OK dad.

    Obviously I'm talking about when I've got free time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Darkener View Post
    Random strangers on Video Game forums? You don't say goodbye to random people at the party when you leave, I assume?
    lol, I was thinking this - Say goodbye to friends, not walk up to rando's to announce your departure from the gathering.

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    I have quit many times... and always came back. If you get to a point where it feels like a waste of time, just spend your time differently. Take a break, do what you want to do... there is no reason to quit forever.

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    I'd never quit games more than I'd quit movies, tv series or books.

    If you're confusing some form of addiction with games though, that's something you need to address.

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    I have self control, so no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyalona View Post
    I've just quit video games for good. It wasn't an easy decision, because I truly love them. But they've just taken up way too much time in my life, to the point where even when I spent an hour or two in the evening playing, I feel like I should be doing something better. And there's always the temptation to just stay home and spend a whole day playing my favourite game at the time, and I give in way too often.

    Any other people who feel the same way?
    I know this is probably not a thread posted in good faith...

    But honestly, I've had the same problem with "motivation" with regards to playing games over the years. It's like I *want* to play, but I don't want to commit time because there are just other things I could be doing that would be productive/beneficial/etc. Even just doing the dishes or dusting some shelves or something.

    Now logically I know that no one can really spend ALL their time doing productive things, but I really don't want to be some lazy fuck just playing video games all day, either. I dunno. I'm sure there's a reasonable balance, and that honestly it's just my own damn job to set that balance.

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    I quite agree with the OP. From all my past time activities, video games have contributed the least to my personal development. Gaming in general is so stagnant, everything feels so same-y, from the predictable cliche storytelling to the blunt gameplay.
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    I can easily achieve what I want in life without removing my hobby so fuck that, also having no time to just zone out will lead to worse than playing video games in the evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasualFilth View Post
    I quite agree with the OP. From all my past time activities, video games have contributed the least to my personal development. Gaming in general is so stagnant, everything feels so same-y, from the predictable cliche storytelling to the blunt gameplay.
    Why does it have to contribute to your personal development? Why can you not just do something because it is fun?

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    Since OP is not around anymore to answer questions and this was a difficult subject to begin with, I'm closing this here.


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