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    None? I just started lol bought the expansion. Can't even locate the cash shop on their website.

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    $100 dollars since the Game launched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sponge5307 View Post
    None? I just started lol bought the expansion. Can't even locate the cash shop on their website.
    Its found in game.

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    Maybe $10 every 2nd or 3rd month. I'm a very casual player in the midst of leveling some new characters so anything I do an RMT for is likely something that will last me for a while. Like extra bag slots or perhaps something akin to a crafting license that grants something to the account.
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    I play very casually and probably have spent around $150 total on gems.

    Mostly quality of life/utility items (char slot, crafting slot, gathering tools, salvagers etc), I also bought a handful of black lion chest keys and living world stuff I missed. Pretty much only buy stuff when it’s discounted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theangryone View Post
    Newer player and so far only spent about $30 for character, inventory, and bank slots. Far, far less then I have spent playing WoW over the years. No issues with the store though, Anet has to support the game somehow.
    My understanding is people’s issue with the store is that pretty much any good looking skin must be acquired through the store. I think the counter argument is that you can grind gold to get the gems, not the funnest of mechanics though.

    I wish GW2 had the player base to support a better business model, but here we are.

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    Not nearly out of the way enough
    I'll spend 10-15USD every so often. The only "guaranteed" purchases I make are the supply drops ( They're heavily discounted on the first week of availability, and they tend to be worth it in terms of cosmetics.

    As for this "the good stuff is in the gemstore" thing: that's a solid 'matter of opinion' deal. I don't think I've felt a 'must buy' for a specific gemstore item since the Grand Lion griffon skin.

    I won't disagree on the issues with mount skins though. The fact there's literally one mount skin available via in-game methods (WvW reward track for the Warclaw) annoys me to no end.

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    hmm so far i think i average around 30-40€ per month (skins, tools etc) but i see it as investment so it will be cheaper down the line

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    about 20-40€ a month, depends a bit what stuff is up etc

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