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    Healing Mage tower aura help


    I'm looking for help to create an aura to track specific conditon while doing the last phase of the healing mage tower challenge. Basically it needs to track healer HP and give some of signal that the health is at an OK level before Ignite Soul expires.

    I don't know if you can track the health of NPCS in your group and let the Hp of them be additional triggers for the aura.

    I have been looking aroudn for this, but haven't found anything.
    And I have been trying myself to create, but no luck. So any help is appreciated.

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    That would have been awesome to have when I did the tower. Had to look at my health the whole time. I'm curious to see if anyone knows this one as well.

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    haven't done the mage tower challenge but is Ignite Soul a % of your health or a flat number? If flat should be able to create a trigger in WA or TMW to flash / sound if health is below a certain %

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