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    181 15.66%
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    64 5.54%
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    57 4.93%
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    66 5.71%
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    Too bad i can't update the option in the poll. 2 days ago when i voted i had 16 now i got 32. ran out of time for th tank and healing monk and drood. holy priest took a ton of time like 4 hours. All my allts apart from my main and raid alt were live 912 ilvl geared in the last week from like 890 gear(token gear with 1-2 leggos and artifact). At least it was good fun deciding just last week i want em all and did em nonstop. Was a nice personal challenge which i failed by a few.

    Edit: Forgot to mention i started actually gearing the chars though lfr/ wq gear last thursday and started burning away at the challenges saturday evening. Was pretty good fun.

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    Got the warlock and druid ones back in May, I was interested in the lock and guardian druid ones, but after I finished those I just did the other druid specs in spare time. The resto druid one was the biggest effort because it was one of the poorly tuned challenges and I really dislike all of the resto druid artifact skins.

    I almost wanted to put in the effort to level up my dk and get those, but I couldn't find the time to squeeze that in.
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    I managed to get 30 out of 36.

    The ones I didnt get: sub rogue + all tanking except DH.

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    Its 7 now, got last one literally within the last 5 seconds till server shutdown:
    Death Knight: 2/3 (No Kruul)
    Demon Hunter: 1/2 (No Kruul)
    Shaman: 3/3 (Beat the Restoration challenge at 30< seconds left until server shutdown, ported, turned it in, got the skin, got the achievement, server went down, I think the last time I had such adrenaline rush was solo-healing Sarth10 during 3.1 or 3.2 as a Holydin)
    Monk: 1/3 (Only WW)

    Gotta get back to work now.

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    Got 35/36 in the end.

    Had Resto Shaman still to do today but I tried it a few times and it was being difficult, couldn't get my head around it for about 90 minutes, npc's kept dropping like stones, couldn't squezze out enough dps to make the challenge easier and I just kinda gave up, just didnt have the energy or patience to do the last one.

    Was fun gearing and learning (a bit) some specs I havent played AT ALL this expansion, I can actually make a decent attempt at playing 2/3 Warlock specs now whereas I have truly sucked at the them since I started playing wow in Vaniilla.

    Was fun though, tidying up gear with alts, farming legendaries and decent relics then figuring out how each challenge differed with each spec doing it, was a lot of fun over the past week where I didn't really have a lot else to do.

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    Ended up with 25.

    All DD challenges (except ww monk) + prot warrior. Also managed to get into a chosen group on the last day and got the title + one set. xD
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    I ended up with 23...
    All on Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Death Knight, Demon Hunter = 17
    2 on Druid & Monk = 4
    1 on Paladin and Priest = 2

    It was kinda stressful getting that many as I only really started a few months ago (I think I had 5 max levels before I started it, now I have all but warlock) - my only regret is not getting the affli lock one.
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    I ended up at 36/36, last one was holy priest about a week before prepatch. Only did 4 or so back when it was fairly new, so it was kinda a mad dash at the end.

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