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    Just did the MW challenge at 917, with WW Lego's... ran out of lockouts for more loot. Definitely found it more frustrating than other 2 healer challenges I've done (Holy Pally and Resto Druid).

    95% of my wipes were in Phase 1, usually on the 2nd to last phase (double solider). Compared to the Pally and Druid (Bear form FTW), I couldn't face tank the fixates.

    Anyway, made it to the final phase 3 times. 1st time I had 3 adds up on the transition, forgot mana pots and went oom 2nd time I let myself get too low and died to a leap and 3rd time was a success. Oddly enough, ignoring the first failure with 3 adds, the next 2 attempts I transitioned with none. TFT EnvM on 2 adds, vivify spamming the 3rd got all 3, 2nd wave popped the bird, EF + Vivify for another 3, 3rd wave, Artifact almost healed 1 to full, then Vivify spam to finish.

    If you've done it on other healers already, once you get past the first phase it's not very difficult.
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    Did it today at 940 with no legendaries that are for MW.

    Phase 1 will be the shittiest. Remember to blow whatever CD you need during the last two waves since you can wait for the CDs to come up later before the dps part of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingshui View Post
    I mean, the answer is probably a really loud "no." If so, fair enough. But, you know, I'm 950 and our artifacts are super-charged, and it bugs me that I don't have this on my main, so I couldn't help but ask....

    I have a little lowbie healing experience on alts.

    If this is remotely possible, obviously I'd read up on the fight, but does anyone have suggestions on what would constitute a smart, simple overpower setup?

    Otherwise, happy to provide a laugh on this fine forum ;p
    Done it today on ~965 ilvl, without any videos and quides, without any healer experience in legion at all (and spec in MW only once in expansion, for this quest chain). 5 or 6 pulls, because I even didn't know what I should do there Seems that we are a bit overpowered already, with all that gear and artifact levels.

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    I did it in two attempts at 920-30ish despite never having played MW monk and only just started doing the healer challenges last weekend, before that never having healed since TBC. Monk was the 4th one I did, so I had some experience, but I had no IDEA what I was pressing.

    First phase felt a bit ropey but not too hard thanks to paralyze and leg sweep. The reason I wiped the first time was going into the 4th wave of adds in P1 WITHOUT legsweep, you REALLY need to wait for it to recharge so you can stun the double knife-dance + arcanist cast.
    I didn't since I'm bad, but try to remember to use healing CDs on the last two waves since you have downtime before you need them again, I used chi-ji on wave 4 which I found the most annoying, but let the others rot which was a bit of a waste.

    Ghost phase felt trivial, used Chi-ji on the first wave of ghosts, not sure if I used anything on the 2nd set, then the 3rd set I used revival. Ended up getting through that on my first attempt though which surprised me.

    Last phase use some bloodlust drums and then jade lightning boss to speed it up while healing your group and not overhealing yourself.

    MW felt like the easiest one I've done by far, and I say that having 1 shot the holy paladin one afterwards - I at least kinda knew what I was pressing there after talking with a friend, MW I was absolutely clueless.

    You should be fine if you're willing to put in any amount of time and effort.
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    I did the Challenge as Mistweaver a few days ago now. In terms of playing a Monk, I levelled it from 100-110 when the End of Season warning was given and played it almost non-stop. In terms of Healing Practice, I learn the spec from LFR and a M+ 8 which honestly did not require much effort. I ended up getting to around 930ish from PVP, LFR, M+ and World Quests/Relinquished Gear. In terms of the Mage Tower, by this point I had done it on every healer.

    Legendaries were E'thas (Vivify Boots) and Prydaz (Shield Neck). For the second half, I sapped Prydaz for Sephuz.
    Talents were: Chi Wave, Chi Torpedo, Mist Wrap, Leg Sweep, Dampen Harm, Summon Jade Serpent Statue, Focused Thunder

    I played the Challenge aggressively, trying to push in as much damage as I could with Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick. I used Paralysis on Archers to stop the Mana Drain and on Soldiers to split/prevent Knife Dance. Leg Sweep and a lot of my damage was towards the Mages. I was also a Blood Elf so I was able to use my racial as backup for the Mages.

    First half was fine. The damage limited the waves power as well as my CC. I spent a lot of time using Vivify. The Soldiers hit really hard when they focus you, especially the double wave, so be ready to run/prot/use stuff.

    Middle section was a joke. Absolutely waste of time.

    Keeping allies alive whilst healing Troops was hard. I had a lot of last second Life Cocoons and used my Thunder Focus Tea to get some big heals out on troops, then Revival for the second set with Effuse spam after Enveloping to top the last ones.

    My biggest trouble came from the final phase. I was able to keep my team alive but kept dying to the fire from worrying about overlaps with the explosion. Use the edge of the room, Drums and anything you can. If you have time to Cracking Jade Lighting do so but be careful. First attempt was me dead and the group wiping on 5%. My other attempts that day were not quite as close. Next day I returned and after a 6% wipe got it done.

    It's very close now for EU, and probably almost over for US but that's how I did it. Definitely annoying to do but was fun for me to learn MW, having not really played it besides a week in WoD.

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    I did the MW challenge as well at a very high ilvl (955ish) for the challenge itself. Prior to that id never EVER played MW. The ilvl will definitely cause an imbalance in my opinion but I felt the challenge itself was far easier to do on the MW than on some of the other healers (The holy priest was a nightmare). Overall, it let me appreciate the spec as id never played it before. Ive seen some MW pump out insane healing but never understood how, so the challenge helped me find out how.

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    Mistweaver challenge gives me some traumatic flashbacks.

    After doing it on my Druid and Paladin, I decided I liked the Mistweaver staff so I'd get that too.

    Everyone knows how long the stupid healer challenges are, so you can imagine my frustration when I got to the last part and was disconnected. Then got to the last part again and my game froze. Which it literally has never done for as long as I can remember.

    Got so mad that I never went back. ><

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