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    Hunter Professions and BFA Prep

    Hey everybody,

    i am almost certainly maining Hunter next Expac and am wondering, which professions stand out to be most optimal. I guess on a semi casual level (that means raiding up to hc and regualr m+ dungeons like 15-20) alch/Herb is one of the best combos to not spent an excess amount of gold on flasks/potions. I always took BS or leatherworking and never really used the professions to a) make money or b) craft gear for my toon (because the gear was always too weak).

    What do you suggest.

    Also on the general Hunter topic:
    Which spec are you going to level up gear wise? As far as i understand you can change the azerite traits but there is a steep price on switching the traits. I guess they dont want you to switch your specs on a daily basis.
    I guess i am going to start as survival but would like to be able to switch to MM/BM for queues and other activities.

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    Herb / alch is a good idea both for personal use and for selling, unless you live on a dead server consumables always sell faster than big ticket crafted items and as far as I understand, armor crafting is fairly disappointing, sellable gear is low ilvl and high ilvl bop gear you can craft for yourself requires so many mats you'd probably already fill that slot by the time you gather these.

    Enchanting is usually another good pick, if you spam m+ you get plenty of stuff to de and either craft enchants or sell shards.

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    If you’re wanting to make gold, go with Alchemy/Herb or Enchanting/Herb or Enchanting/Tailoring. Enchanting can stand on its own and needs nothing except dropped gear (something you can always get with WQs and dungeon spamming, as well as later with LFR). The items also sell well.
    Alchemy will also always sell for a decent amount, possibly better than enchanting.
    Herbalism compliments them both. Alchemy it will give you a steady stream of mats for pots/flasks, and as Enchanting is stand alone it will give you extra materials to sell that many people will use.
    The reason I mentioned tailoring is that, like Enchanting, it is a stand alone profession and only requires looting corpses for most materials. You can also sell a few armor pieces here and there and all it takes to acquire mats is to do normal in game things like dungeon/raid runs.

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    In addition to others posting on here about herb/alch being a staple for those who want to make gold as well as have a steady supply of pots and flasks for raiding and mythic plus. I would also like to throw herb/inscriptions hat into the ring for BFA, I am currently planning on maining a hunter in BFA atm, and I have put a lot of thought into running herb/inscription due to the simple fact that "Contracts" will be in the game. Allowing you to complete world quests and other rep grinding dailies/quests/emmisarries and have them be counted towards a specific rep you are working towards. My current hunter is a panda but I have no problem swapping it over to dark iron dwarf thanks to a contract or two to hit exalted with that specific rep required.
    One does not simply walk into LFR.

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    regarding professions: since Legion was another easy-to-make-money expac, expect everything to be expensive.
    take the profession that makes you buy the least amount of stuff from the AH, or one that makes enough money to balance it out.
    As for moneymaker professions: pretty much the same as always, aside from some yet-unknown things like skygolem that push 1 profession higher.

    regarding leveling and gear: from my experience you can either:
    go 1 specc all the way
    deliberatly take traits multiple speccs benefit from
    alternate between traits and only take every 2nd/3rd azerite gear piece for your specc, and have the others as backup for switching speccs on the fly.

    as far as stats go, a simple guideline like "avoid X, focus Y and Z" is enough for leveling.
    most of the time your choices are limited and won't matter for more than 1, maybe 2 level anyways

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    In addition to taking herb, I would definitely take mining with Enchanting. Herbs are used by inscription/alchemy, while mining is used by BS/JC/Engi. Take cooking in consideration aswell, its farmable and the feasts will sell like hotdogs when the gates of Uldir have opened.


    I am going to main (probably) MM Hunter aswell, leveling it now. I will start with mining/herbalism, sell my gathered materials the first week and when I reach 120, I will change herbalism with enchanting. I will be doing PvE only. A couple of friends and I will be spamming dungeons to gear, disenchanting these will give me extra gold aswell. Besides that, I will put all my quest items I get in my bank aswell. When I get the enchanting, I will just disenchant all the items I got.

    My paladin already has enchanting, so after I disenchanted all these items, I am not sure what I am going to pick. Probably just gathering professions, sending those materials to my alts and level the professions on them.
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    quick thing to note: in BfA you can level your profession independently, so you don't need 800 skillpoints to start with BfA skills.

    There is still merit in maxing it now though; you get max with everything pre BfA if you are at 800 before launch.
    if your ingi wants to craft a skygolem in BfA and does not have the skill yet, he will have to max out that expansions skill using crafts from that expansion.
    right now you can skill with cheap stuff and have the skill maxed beforehand. and once people realize that, prices for mats will climb even higher.

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    I’m going War Mode all the way on my MM hunter, and with melee-trains being the way they are I can’t drop Engineering and Nitro Boosts!

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    Alchemy will be the best profession for money as almost always, engineering will be by far the best profession for utility (especially with all the CC bombs added).

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    Yo dawg, I herd you like enchanting so we put tailoring with your enchanting so can disenchant while you disenchant.

    -lame xzibit attempt, will try harder next time.

    Also though, no dazing cloak spell thread (or threat reduction) and cooled hearthing enchant sounds like just the right kind of QOL for me. Plus Ill passively farm all the mats without much effort from questing and stealing my friends cloth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    Alchemy will be the best profession for money as almost always, engineering will be by far the best profession for utility (especially with all the CC bombs added).
    Organic Discombobulation Grenade

    5 CC's from one button seems pretty OP. AOE Polymorph.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iootnega View Post
    Organic Discombobulation Grenade

    5 CC's from one button seems pretty OP. AOE Polymorph.
    Looks like you don't have to be an Engineer to use those Bombs. Herb/Alch probably still the best bet for self-sustain.

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    What about the Ammunitions from Engineering?

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    Best proffesion combo is always gonna be Enchanting so you de quest rewards and other shit and sell the stuff for a lot more that vendor price of the item, coupled with your armor crafting skill. You can use mats to make armor and then de them and sell the ench mats.

    Don't bother with serious crafting, you need to grind a lot of content to get the good stuff, and as a casual crafter you may not want to get into it. Let the hardcore crafters grind that shit.

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    I suggest Skinning/LW. You can make your own BOP gear for max level. And hopefully further into BFA they release new patterns and whatnot from like, rep vendors, that are on par with raid gear.

    I am personally just leveling with and sticking to Survival. Plan on playing SV throughout BFA. You can reforge Azerite traits at an NPC yes. It increases in cost each time afaik
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