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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity Divinity View Post
    Because it is. Well, Tugar might be easier for Windwalker. But Sigryn is definitely on the lower end of difficulty. Hell, the only mechanics to manage happen early on in the fight and only overlap once or twice at most. After that it's literally just "don't get hit by valkyries" for a while.
    I beat the WW one the day it came out at 893 ilvl and tried the same challenge as BM at around 910 ilvl a few months later and still couldn't beat it. I did beat the surv and MM ones no issue though.

    I can probably beat it now but honestly, its a shit looking weapon and I'll never use it (just like the enhance, fire and arcane mage, elemental, and mistweaver weapons).

    Ret paladin was my 2nd one beat at round 897 ilvl.
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    i one shotted it honestly and dont even really play ret. if you know the strats there's no reason you wouldn't be able to

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    This is all subjective.
    Ret tower took me probably 100 or so attempts. It was alot. Though, I did start doing it as soon as it was available and my gear was low ilvl for much of my attempts. But still, it took quite a while for me to figure out the runes, the valkyrs, etc.

    But the prot tower took me literally 4 attempts. It was incredibly easy....for me.

    Its a matter of gear, luck, and skill. Its different for different people. I would say keep plugging away at it. You don't have much longer, you'll feel great when you beat it.

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    It's not the easiest mechanics wise (IMO) but I was able to cheese it with 910ish iLV when it was relevant. Used fist instead of repent, saved it for sig and I went balls out AoE with divine hammer. If you have the latest tier, I can imagine how easy it would be to burst them down via judgement crits.

    Judged sig, Eye for an Eye during enrage, took them all to town. At a certain health percentage, many of the mechanics just seem to stop. I also had that cheat death legendary too during the time. I'm sure it helped.
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    Don't know; Outlaw and Survival both seem easier and more controllable, albeit i've done them in better gear.

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    Because they haven't tried the feral one.

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    Mechanically it was the easiest for me because of Ret's kit and ability to Repentance Sigryn the entire time, but I had awful DPS and literally spent nine minutes on it lmao. As somebody had already mentioned above though, the main key to the challenge is learning the mechanics. You're pretty much ensured a victory if you know the mechanics and timings (which boss mods will hold your hand for); treat it like an actual raid boss, avoid stupid mistakes, and you'll win.
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    Easily countered by the Ret toolkit? Sure i’ll give em that. Easiest? Hell no. After doing both Frost and Unholy DK (Xylem and Imp mother) a couple days ago on my alt I can say that Ret doesn’t have the easiest Mage Tower chellenge. Doesn’t mean it’s hard, but it’s still not the easiest.

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    I just did it today. I got it on attempt #7. I was familiar with the challenge after doing Assassination and Demo months ago.

    Imo, the difficulty of this challenge is the rng of abilities. My failed attempts were when seemingly every mechanic happened at once. If you prioritize your attention on the purple runes and valkyrs, (obviously have to deal with the npcs special moves), you will eventually win.

    With that said, the only challenge I had an easier time with was feral.
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    I made this challenge with retri and arcane and it's very hard, far from easy. Fire mage was easier, for example. Expect few hundred tries.

    Here's my tips:

    1. Use DBM. It works reliably with some spells, not for all spells though.
    2. Use weakaura for valkyrs. That's the hardest part in this fight. Assign some loud sound. You have plenty of time to position yourself but only if you'll notice the warning immediately. It's also very hard to find a proper spot to stand on, so use some save if you have any doubt. Even after hundreds of tries I had may be 50% success rate for standing in the right place to avoid Valkyries. Thankfully with high enough gear (980 would be ideal) and good legendaries to survive and survival cooldown valkyr's damage is not fatal.
    3. Write macroses to repentance sygrin, kick caster, slow warrior, so you don't have to switch manually.
    4. Use AoE as much as possible. It doesn't matter which target you attack, they have shared health, but AoE is extremely effective.
    5. Don't forget about health orbs, collect them all.

    There's hardest part somewhere in the middle. Things go crazy and all abilities going at once. Survive it and it gets easier after that. After you killed first guy, it's pretty much win, but don't relax yet, there are few key mechanics still in place, keep executing them.
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    Easiest? Havoc. It's not even funny how easy it is for DH. The ice wall is a non-mechanic, you always have beam and healing, you one-shot mobs on almost ANY gear lvl. You skip the sparkles phase by double dashing in a heart beat. At least on Ret you need to keep mechanics in mind.

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    I beat this tower on my assassination rogue Monday night with only 877 ilvl with no legendaries my rogue is rynturai on Kil jaeden it is definitely the easiest tower my return pally was easier because u can just stun her when she tries to castblood of my father and wail on all 3
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    i've done a few of them, and for me the hardest was closing the eye, after that its the imp mother, then sigryn, then bloodtotem.
    the retri one is basically all about avoiding stuff, now that the dps is not an issue and u can break the shield in 2 secs, its just avoiding things for 4-5 mins while u kill one of them.

    bloodtoem i didn on my mom, by far the easiest in the game, took me 5 tries, without looking into tactics of abilities too much. interrupt 1 ability, kill adds

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    Ret challenge showed me what I feared would happen over time since I haven't been in a raid since EN. I became a player who tunneled and ignored mechanics which sent my ass packing to the front of the tower time and time again. The only way I got it was because I eventually played out the mechanics which is required even for the zerg strat since any of of the big four going off even once was bad news bears unless you're anticipating it with a bubble or, for whatever reason, didn't take Cavalier.

    Justicar was the real MVP though since I didn't have Prydaz to soak damage.
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    Speaking from a Paladin myself who undertook the mage tower being over-geared at 930il. The retribution challenge wasn't easy and neither was it hard.It's all about the mechanics of the fight. For me casting repentance Sigryn and keeping an eye on the Valkyries was the key factor to beat this challenge. Compared to the Prot and Holy mage tower challenge, this was the easiest, however its all up to the person that is playing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kick-Ass-Pope View Post
    Speaking from a Paladin myself who undertook the mage tower being over-geared at 930il. The retribution challenge wasn't easy and neither was it hard.It's all about the mechanics of the fight. For me casting repentance Sigryn and keeping an eye on the Valkyries was the key factor to beat this challenge. Compared to the Prot and Holy mage tower challenge, this was the easiest, however its all up to the person that is playing them.
    I tried it at 910. I can honestly say I pretty much one shot the prot challenge. That one was super easy. The avenging procs + silence + judgement + the stuns, made easy work for the eyes and the boss. The only issue was the infernals. The god forsaken knockbacks.

    Now ret on the other hand... That required a lot of micromanaging. Accidentally using your stun meant a wipe. It was by far one of the least forgiving challenges of all the specs and classes.

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    I did Ret challenge at 920-ish on 2nd or 3rd try. Yeah, I know, I was overgeared so there's nothing to brag about, but it still amazed me how much easier it was than literally any other challenge I'd done before. You had nice cc, nice burst, nice aoe, insane self healing. Even mobility wasn't an issue with 2 stacks of Divine Steed.

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