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    Horde [H] Prot Warrior LF Mythic raiding guild for BFA


    This expansion, I've been playing on and off, having raided in a mythic guild until late Nighthold, and have been doing mythic+ mainly since then. Coming into BFA, I'm looking for a guild that clears mythic content at a nice pace as well as a place where I can find people for mythic+ groups.

    Right now, I don't have mythic experience in the current raid tier, though, I've been playing prot warrior since WotLK having raided in most of the raid tiers and I have no trouble adapting and playing in an organized environment.

    As I expect a guild to be fair and be able to manage its resources, the guild can expect reliability and commitment from me. I very rarely miss a raiding day and I come prepared with resources and knowledge of my class and the raid encounters.

    Currently I am in Ragnaros but server transfer is not an issue. Feel free to contact me here or ingame for further questions.

    Battletag: Doomsmasher#2878

    Character name: Doomsmasher

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    If a 2 day a week raiding schedule would work for you it might be worth having a chat with us in game, we are actively looking for a MT in particular one that wants to push M+ well over 4k. If interested have a chat to any of us in game - Flawless, Khadgar EU

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