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    With openmindness, i think the legendary system in Legion was good. Sure, it could be a bit frustrating when at first you don't have the right legendaries and you see some lucky LFR-guy loot the BiS before you. But there was an exciting addiction behind this. I really loved doing mythics plus in order to have a chance to got one in chests, same things with raids and emissaries chests.

    Not perfect system.
    But good system.

    For BFA i would like to see the WoD system back with a 4-steps storyline : chapter 1 for 8.0, chapter 2 for 8.1, chapter 3 for 8.2, chapter 4 for 8.3.

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    I hate the legendaries... haven't gotten any of them besides the quest in Antorus. FeelsBadMan

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    A bit, I did enjoy the options it brought along, but not the way you obtained them. Make them grindable, or rng with a possibility of being grindable to get a few you really want and I wouldn't mind them in bfa
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    I liked legendaries. They were a nice bonus.

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    I miss shadowmourne
    Legion is the biggest shit I've ever seen #WaitingForClassic BFA = Blizzard Failed Again

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    I feel like I will miss the excitement of getting them. Hard to explain, it felt good getting one and the anticipation of it. That feeling was often very fleeting... I will miss set bonuses more.

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    yep, but i dont worry they will return back.. they were a success

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    this latest system was trash.

    Seeing an Orange item was supposed to be a rare and cool big dick thing...not anymore

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    The obtaining of them was the problem. The mechanic of swapping them out depending on the fight was modestly interesting but mostly something I routinely forgot about and had to adapt around. "Oh crap I needed the burst damage shoulders on for this fight. Oh well."

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    I will sorely miss Legion with its legendaries, artefact weapons and allround very fun playstyles on each class, and while i was quite exited at first about BfA with its straight up standing male orcs (says a lot rly if thats the main thing your exited about in a new xpac) and warmodes with bounty etc, i changed my mind after doing some testing on beta with warmode, I predict lots of gankparties of players who dont necesarilly love pvp but do enjoy flying around searching for lone questers and levelers to dive ontop them and camp them, yes thats right, i predict warmode to be great for non pvp players who just like to gank other people when they are sure its a win. it looks like blizzard will allow flying in warmode and thats the sign for me to deactivate warmode, while questing we saw a large group of opposing players flying over us and before we could react they were on us, killed us (it was 3 vs 10), we tried to ress but they were watching from the air and dived straight on us again each time, the most funny part is yet to come, when we finally managed to get their druid healer to 10% he just shadowmelted, and took off in flightform, yep, some classes will have a nice time.
    andd back to topic :P i agree with OP that legendaries gave a nice extra which resulted in different playstyles, but blizzard is a quality company, they know what they do and why they do it!

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    I will miss them but thats because Im a legendary collectoholic! although I did hate the grind, I did love when I would get one unexpectedly and it was a satisfying reward. I hope they have one in BfA - just doesnt feel right not having one
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    Yep, because having a leader who said, "We need to get all of this to kill as many people as possible" and "We're going to occupy the tree to ensure the Alliance doesn't have a foothold to funnel it" (conveniently ignoring the Goat ships and islands right next door) only to go, "You know what, burn it because this random Night Elf upset me!" sure screams survival and not psychopath.

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    I think I will miss the way some of them added cool little benefits to some abilities and advantages in certain situations. I rather enjoyed having legendaries that helped my AOE on those situations and then movement speed in others.

    But by and large, I've played this game without them for far longer than I did with them. I won't miss them after long.

    I think the way we can obtain legendaries now should have been the way we could've obtained them all along. Perhaps with a steeper cost, but 100% RNG was never a good plan for items this powerful. Hopefully they learned this lesson.
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    I will miss them. I hated how you got hold on them, but their effect when you actually had them on was really interesting and it gave a new depth to some specs. I really hope that Blizzard will find a way to add the flare of legendaries to new expansions, yet learns from the many mistakes of legendaries in Legion.
    May the lore be great and the stories interesting. A game without a story, is a game without a soul. Value the lore and it will reward you with fun!

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    Some classes got options on different playstyles, good for them, but most of us got shoehorned into a BiS combo, and if you deviate from it you're bad. GL getting those 2 BiS legendaries too... No, fuck Legendaries, it's just another layer of RNG built into something that was able to completely make or break your performance for a lot of specs. I'm not about that life.

    Not to mention it was yet another slot that you just HAD to occupy with an item, so if your tier set was poorly itemized except in one slot that was occupied by a Legendary, welp, too fucking bad. Or if you wanted to shuffle pieces around to get more of a stat, well the 2 Legendaries plus your 4-set was basically locking you into not being able to do a whole lot.

    Glad both of those are going away in BfA. Got some 975 legs in my bags with perfect stats that I can't even wear right now...
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    Glad the legendaries are gone, every healer I played always wore dam prydaz amulet and velens trinket, not even specific class legos.

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