View Poll Results: Which race has the best stealth/sneak animation?

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  • Human

    10 5.24%
  • Orc

    9 4.71%
  • Night Elf

    12 6.28%
  • Forsaken

    46 24.08%
  • Dwarf

    4 2.09%
  • Troll

    9 4.71%
  • Gnome

    3 1.57%
  • Blood Elf

    80 41.88%
  • Pandaren

    18 9.42%
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    didn't Forsaken used to crawl in stealth back in vanilla?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wondercrab View Post
    Where are goblutts?
    There are lots of Goblin butts out there if you know which sites to go to.

    Blood Elf stealth is cool in my opinion. They crouch down, stay low to the ground, and when they're not moving they drop even lower.

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    Goblin is freakin' hilarious!... That ridiculous looking cartoonish/comic animation, haha!

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    Dwarf 0.00%.
    Poor things

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    female pandaren is the best imo, they also have the best sprint animation...

    female dwarf are the worst by far.

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    Black female dwarf all the way.

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    Not enough troll votes, trolls are definitely the best; attentive, ready for action, low to the ground.

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    Goblins are the best imo!

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    I like the female BE one a lot, especially the idle animation where they crouch. Undead are always cool of course.

    For funsies the best one is Trolls. They look like a giant trying to sneak up on a hamster.

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    Refuse to vote in this fail poll as it doesnt have goblins in it, who have the best stealth animation.

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    Female blood elf & Male Worgen stealth-standing are god-tier.
    Night Elf, F Pandaren, & M Troll stealth-walks are really good. (M Pandaren is mostly garbage stealth animations, but the left hand in front like he's about to cast some kind of jutsu is a nice touch).
    Goblin animations are amazing for their comical touch.

    Undead stealth animations are complete and total garbage. They sneak like they're self conscious about it. Like they're afraid someone will see them and it will be awkward. Either that or their backs are thrown out and they cant bend down any further. Didn't look at any of the others (I suppose female dwarf is alright), but I assume they're mostly garbage.

    As with almost all non-combat race & character animations, stealth is in sore need of an update to fit our modern models. The animations we have for things like sitting, interacting, laughing, etc. reek of vanilla. You can see their age in the lack of finesse and expression (as in characterization through movement) they have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blink 182 View Post
    Female blood elf is the best because you actually go down to ground almost.
    Not to mention the actual "idle" stealth animation that is the best in the game as the Blood Elf crouched to the ground. It's jut perfect, paired with the spinning jumps, makes it the top for me.

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    Dude where tf is worgan. Male worgans have best stealth

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    No Male Goblin option, 0/10 poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Utigarde View Post
    No Male Goblin option, 0/10 poll.
    It's a failed poll and for that, I apologize! The legendary sneakiness of the goblin rogue made me miss them. Together with the Tauren.

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    Troll male and Pandaren female. ( Why didn't you separate the sexes? They have different animations? )
    Since my main is an Orc (male) rogue I obviously like the Orc one too.

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    Idle female BE (the crouch is really awesome) and Goblins

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    Why on earth isn't goblin on this list? They have that ridiculous cartoony sneak you just have to love.

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    Can't vote as you don't have the best options, Goblin and male Worgen. The rest just pale in comparison.
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    my favites have always been blood elf and worgen. Goblins are fun but... that's more humour than sneaking

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