View Poll Results: Which race has the best stealth/sneak animation?

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  • Human

    10 5.24%
  • Orc

    9 4.71%
  • Night Elf

    12 6.28%
  • Forsaken

    46 24.08%
  • Dwarf

    4 2.09%
  • Troll

    9 4.71%
  • Gnome

    3 1.57%
  • Blood Elf

    80 41.88%
  • Pandaren

    18 9.42%
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    Goblins have the best one.

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    Male Worgen and female Blood Elf/Void Elf. I love that they crouch down in their idle stealth position.

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    Tauren rogues.

    They are so good that you dont ever see them. Then how can we know their stealth animation? I'll tell you a secret. I know it. They tiptoe!
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    No Goblins in the poll? Their stealth animation is great, lol.
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    I play an Orc, mainly because i wanted a different race to my other classes and i didnt have an Orc Male.

    I also have not been to the barber shop to stand on my back yet. Orc Stealth or go home!

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    The best was the Undead shadow-walking from Vanilla. They fucked it with the running-in-place one that we have now. Opening a ticket every year about it since Wrath.

    Example: (not my video - credit to speedyracer90 @ Youtube)
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