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    Quote Originally Posted by H1gh Contra5t View Post
    The general trend on this thread, and any other where the Alliance's white knight facade is under scrutiny, is:

    1 - Alliance cry about being soft and weak and passive
    2 - Alliance get lore to make them look hardcore
    3 - Horde point out this shows both factions are as good/bad as each other
    4 - Alliance cry it's not and they're still better "because Sylvanas"
    5 - Horde list lore since Vanilla of Alliance atrocities and being equally guilty
    6 - Alliance make excuses / ignore / strawman / cry that Blizzard hates them
    7 - Horde counter with more lore
    8 - Alliance revert to #3
    9 - Cycle continues

    As someone else pointed out earlier, "it's all so tiresome" /yawn
    there is no hope
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    I don't know the explanation of "he is dead, but he isn't but he kinda is unless we don't assume that he isn't." suggest drugs may be the case. What the hell is it ? Schrödinger's archimonde ?
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    stop spreading stupid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zulkhan View Post
    the only "positive" in your case is that, unlike Blizzard's writers, you aren't paid for that.

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    What do you think America would do in a Cold War situation where an island just off the coast of Florida began setting up nukes by the aid of Russia? Something called the bay of pigs I think happened. I guess we will see what caused the tree to catch on fire soon enough.
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    I swear Bitcoin miners are the new vegans/crossfitters/vapers.

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