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    what addon dose this?


    So what Addon dose this? And how do i move it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathleecher View Post

    So what Addon dose this? And how do i move it?

    I believe that's Elkano's Buff Bars but I feel like I am wrong

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    dont have that :P

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    Those both look like they are boss timer mods. DBM and bigwigs are the most common. Might be more helpful for us if you list the addons you use.

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    Looks like DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)

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    It seems like the two at the bottom are from DBM and the others are from BigWigs. You might also have Little wigs installed. You will need to delete either DBM or BigWigs.

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    I agree with the others look like you have big wigs and dbm just only need one addon out of those 2

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