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    Would you Vote for me as President?

    hey guys would you vote for me as president of the US.

    Im a regular dude, work a regular job , play wow and i like girls on tinder.

    -things i think about

    -Dropping taxes by 5-10% - so the ppl who actually live here can have more while politicians have less to spend on sex orgies and overpriced flights

    -Not have trade wars with other china and allies, regardless of principles we have now

    -not insult allies

    -annihilate the FCC

    -would confess ALL of my dirty secrets before i even start a campaigne, for example... i stole 10 dollars from my brother when i was 8 years old.

    -would personally fly down to politicians and fist fight them if i found out they were corrupt i.e. Scott Pruitt would get his ass beat ... i would get on a flight with my secret service... and cameras... and we would knock some corrupted teeth out.
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    So much for the tolerant left.
    41,366 Not at all.
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    Why not, if all those points are done that is a good start.

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    This is not the place to errrr, "start a political career". Closing this.


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