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    I'd be fine with any of them.
    It's not like I would grind them or anything, just do the required 5 (per toon) every 3-4 months (however long it takes to go through the rotation or weekly quests) and walk away.

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    I've actually enjoyed all of WoD's dungeons and had a blast doing them as Challenges, so whatever comes I'm excited for the TW event. Already have 5k badges saved to buy WoD's mount .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Pretty sure they stated at blizzcon that it would come during bfa, but can't find any evidence
    that's.....what the op said....
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    Never really liked any of the dungeons really, but the raid id like to see is Blackrock Foundry

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    Everbloom is a must. Beyond that, probably Auchindoun, Iron Docks, Grim Rail, and Slag Mines. Please blizz, keep Skyreach out of it.

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    If we end up with just 6 dungeons, my picks are almost the same as yours, except I'd put Everbloom in place of Grimrail Depot.

    But I hope when they next add timewalk, they also improve dungeon variety for all timewalk events. Add one or two more dungeons to each!

    As for WoD Timewalk rewards... Please, dunno about the Toy, but the mount must be the Iron Horde wolf!
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    I'm not a fan of WoD but I liked the dungeons so I won't hate any of them. UBRS was long but I didn't hate the encounters and Everbloom had a little more thrash than I like but most of it was skippable so it's w/e for me. As long as Grimrail is available I'm happy.

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    Absolutely not Grimrail Depot, terrible dungeon with frustrating bosses, boring environments and too much trash in too little space.

    Everbloom only if they fix the skip to the first boss. I cant be arsed with people faffing over that every time again.

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    They need to add timewalking raids for every timewalking event, not just 2.

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    fuck grimrail depot


    anything but that monstrosity.

    it's one of the worst dungeons ever designed, which of course means they'll put it into the TW just like they did with siege of niuzao temple
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    To be completely honest, the only bad thing about WoD is the garrison and how the lore was rushed, pretty much because you could get heroic gear from hellfire citadel by just sending some boats and then login out until they came back, you could literally gear yourself for Mythic Hellfire Citadel without even going to the raid itself.

    However, the PVE aspect, from quests to dungeons and raids, were pretty great and Blackrock Foundry was an amazing raid, it would be amazing if they brought that back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saintminya View Post
    Everbloom is a must. Beyond that, probably Auchindoun, Iron Docks, Grim Rail, and Slag Mines. Please blizz, keep Skyreach out of it.
    Should be grim rail at least that is one of the most unique of their dungeons and was pretty challenging initially due to the tight corridors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obelisk Kai View Post
    We know it's coming in BFA sometime, six dungeons from the expansion everyone loves to hate (and with good reason) to be added into the timewalking dungeon rotation. Possibly a raid at some point as well.

    So here is my question, which dungeons and which raid should be brought back for WOD timewalking?

    My own personal picks are

    Auchindoun, for that super awesome Draenei themed dungeon that just cannot be beaten.

    Bloodmaul Slag Mines, a strong Ogre themed dungeon.

    Grimrail Depot, because the idea of fighting on a moving train is still pretty cool.

    Iron Docks, because the banter is really amusing and is entertaining throughout the dungeon.

    Shadowmoon Burial Grounds because it has a unique vibe and Ner'zhul as the last boss


    Skyreach, again for it's unique visuals and enemies.

    Meaning I would hope to see the Everbloom and UBRS left on the cutting room floor.

    As for the potential WOD timewalking raid...I am going to go with Blackrock Foundry. The fights were more creative and memorable than Hellfire Citadel's, and HFC has a heavy Legion theme whereas BRF is pure Iron Horde. Sure they failed as villains but if WOD timewalking is their moment then we should double down on that.

    Any other opinions?
    Those line up pretty nicely with my own picks. I loved Auchindoun for example, and GRD was awesome.

    Wasn't a big fan of the UBRS update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaid View Post
    Should be grim rail at least that is one of the most unique of their dungeons and was pretty challenging initially due to the tight corridors.
    I agree, it had a different feel from the vast majority of dungeons.
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    I look forward to a buying a new TW addition to the many various colours of the same WoD mounts!

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    Gotta have Skyreach. I love the vocals. "Skrrraaahhh! Skyyyreach..."

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