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    Far as I'm concerned, if they aren't gonna make any more RTS they should at least use the IP and the GDI vs NOD scenario for something else, like they did with C&C Renegade... If they took DICE and had them make a Battlefield game set in the Tiberium Sun era I would buy that shit so fast.
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    Grew up playing C+C, cannot tell you have many hours I spent playing them. I thought generals/zero hour were awesome, so much multiplayer fun. Could spend hours in 1 game nearly losing your base only to use your general abilities and defeat the opponants. So gooood.

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    Theres LOTS of money in it. If they could ever manage to send out a product that wasn't a pathetic pile of shit. Sadly EA is run by a bunch of fucking morons who wouldn't know a good idea if it slapped them in the face with their dicks.
    Lots but not ALL the money, so they won't.

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