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Wow, Imagine that. You promise features... offer a pre-order... then cancel/scrap features... and people get upset?? What a fucking tragedy! Poor Blizzard... ;tears
Cheer up, you may have misread the thread somewhat.

Owbu was wondering why Blizzard are being less communicative about their plans than they used to be. I explained it is largely to do with people who struggle to understand how game development works.

Basically if Blizz talk about something they want or plan to do it doesn't mean it's guaranteed to make it into the finished product. They may find it isn't as fun as they hoped, or it presents too many technical challenges, or the system is too buggy and doesn't work. Whatever the case they may choose to leave it out of the finished product, either shelving it indefinitely or revisiting it in a later expansion.

Personally I never had a problem with that. I liked seeing what Blizzard was planning and how their thought processes worked even if I'd never get to see the eventual fruits of that particular labour. Unfortunately a significant number of people would cry and spam up the forums with complaints about "broken promises" so Blizz eventually decided it would be better just to keep their thoughts to themselves until they were pretty much certain it was something that would make it into the game.