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    A start from scratch challenge

    So I decided to challenge myself a bit. For my own reasons I decided to start a wow account from scratch. The only thing I have used is the 110 boost. Even that was only because of how soon BFA lands. New character, new server where I don’t know anyone, even a new class I haven’t mained before.
    I’m just wondering if anyone has done something similar and their experiences with it.

    For some reason the first things I set out to do was get a half decent mog and Mount. First impressions and all that.
    I think next on the list is a guild, after all, this is an Mmo.

    The mount situation hasn’t worked out yet (simple to get aren’t always the sexiest, unless Rng loves you), but we’ll get there.

    So anyone else tried this?

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    I haven't done so as you said it, but i think you derived yourself of the biggest part of your challenge

    Starting with a boost already gives you a 110, meaning access to a lot of money easily via WQ and the mission board.

    The biggest challenge of starting on a new server without any connection is the lack of gold while levelling. You don't have bags to store your stuff in, and you can't buy them since they generally cost several gold which you dont have at low level. Also you cannot get enough gold to level both your (crafting) professions together with your character etc.
    So being at level 110 kills that issue of a real fresh start imho.

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    Why are you posting this here?

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    Just watch the preach vids about it and save your money ...
    It is no challenge, just annoying.

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    Do the Mage Tower for all your specs. You have, what, 4.5 days?

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