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    Any tips for gearing fast to do mage tower? Its doable without set bonusses?

    So my alt warrior is around ilvl 900 atm and I really would like to get the mage tower challenges (Xylem can be hard, did it on DH long time ago and its probably on of the hardest tower challenge), atleast for prot because the flail looks incredible.

    The problem is I dont have set bonusses and have maybe 1 legendary (for arms). Noone will invite me to Antorus normal/hc due low ilvl and my guild is on break till BfA and stopped raiding even with alts.

    I will now do LFR and pray for atleast 2 piece of set (was never lucky with set pieces before so I doubt it) and will farm Argus to buy as many gear pieces as possible and pray for some TF.

    Is there anything else I can do? If the prepatch will be next week (I hope not) is tower possible without set bonusses?

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    The pre patch is almost certainly next week. If that's the case your chances of gearing up in time for the mage tower are poor but not impossible. I recommend you get as much as you can from LFR, and try to find a sympathetic raider willing to take you on a carry run through perky pugs or a similar website. Most importantly, remember to do your artifact Silithus questline, as this will automatically max out your artifact and Concordance which can give you a significant advantage.

    I went from 908 to 930 this week on my alt from a lucky Normal run and a purchased legendary. Don't give up hope!
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    This is a TW week, that means you'll get an extra seal as well as a piece of gear from the raid. If you're NA, the Nether disruptor will also give 3 seals and should finish today (so today, friday, and Sat for 3 seals by sunday). Given that, I would save some LFR wings until you get the other seals to maximize bonus rolls. There is also crafted gear if you have a lot of gold.

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    Do LFR, get free legendary from the quest and profit. You already have enough gear to do them.
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