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    Wrathion was cleansed of corruption, he acted against the Old Gods, he can't be an agent of N'zoth just because he kinda shares eye color with a fish.
    I just want to point out how right this guy is. You guys got too much tinfoil.

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    I've always wondered about ill'gynoth's "your coming was foretold in the rings" quote, and the fact that Wrathion in whelp form is watching us get our legendary rings in Draenor.

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    Xal'Atath describes them as being defeated as much as Y'Shaarj was. I also think that the Sha-like remnants we saw in Ulduar before Legion don't necessarily make Yogg alive. They're echoes, not Yogg itself. C'Thun's remnants whisper in the Med'an comic to have Cho'Gall resurrect him-you don't resurrect something that isn't dead.
    The analogy I saw around that I like was that the Titans removing Y'Shaarj was like tearing a parasite out of flesh. It's going to do more damage, but a smaller, more surgical procedure could kill them effectively.

    We do need some clarification on how dead the Old Gods we've fought are though, hopefully BfA will bring some much-needed clarity. There's a lot of conflicting and dated Old God lore that could do with clearing up.
    Yogg and Cthun are both mentioned as imprisoned in lore whereas Yshaarj is the only one labeled as deceased.
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    Patch next 24-25/09 -> Antorus either the week after Blizzcon, or the week of the 28-29/11.

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