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    BFA animated series

    Hello ,

    Not sure if it was announced but i think i read about it in the past, not sure if it was official but will there be any animated series about BFA like legion had Harbingers guldan, illlidan and khadgar?

    If yes do we know release date and to story there?

    Thanks for asnwers

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    There's not a known release date, but I would imagine they follow shortly after the pre-patch festivities leading up to Launch day. The three animated shorts were announced at PAX East 2018 back in April, and will likely be shown in the weeks to come.
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    No idea about release dates, but I think we can all be sure that the story would focus on Alliance and maybe a tiny little episode about the Horde where it’s actually Alliance episode but it has a few moments of Horde jammed in between.

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    ok thanks for answers hope they will be available soon.

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    I think from what we’ve seen it’s about Jaina, Sylvanas and Azshara.
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