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    Enterprise motherboard for Gaming

    Long shot but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a motherboard for Gaming, specifically one that comes with enterprise features which enable it to be remotely managed over the network, BIOS password updating and other security changes remotely, we are buying 160 PCs so they need to be able to be managed.

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    C232/C236 Sunrise Point chipsets don't support Coffee Lake. So you have to stick to Skylake and Kaby Lake (don't recommend it).

    I don't know if you can use Intel RMM4 on Z370 boards, probably limited to server boards and Sunrise Point or older.

    I think libreboot (AMD remote control project) died come AM4.

    Maybe there's a software/add-on solution I can't think about right now.
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    Not something I normally pay attention too. Check level1 tech on youtube. They might have some information on which boards support what you are asking for since they tend to focus more on client side/server aspects of computing in a linux environment in addition to gaming.

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