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    mobile browsing needs an "app-blocker"

    maybe it's just me that gets annoyed by this, I don't know...
    say I want to look up the timetables for my bus. I load google on my phone and get a big prompt claiming "it's better on the app!!!!!!!" (how exactly? it's exactly the same as using the website except without tabbed browsing. that's WORSE) and asking if I want to install the app. I say no, but it will still ask me this every single time I use google. ever
    I google the bus company and find their website. I'm then asked if I want to use their app (again offering absolutely nothing that can't be done just as easily by bookmarking the website) and say no. but every time I load that bookmark it will ask me to install the app. every damn time

    I decide to google the issue and see how many others get annoyed by this. the first result I check is in a reddit forum and guess what happens when I open it? do I want to download the reddit app? no, no I really do not

    when the internet first got big everyone jumped on the bandwagon and had to have a website. fine, many of them are pointless but they're harmless. then everyone had to have a facebook page (skipping a few fads here) and that's fine too. then twitter came along and took a perfectly innocent waffle resembling number sign and turned it into a symbol of pure evil because now everything has a "hash tag"
    now everything has to have an app

    it's getting to the point where I'd be tempted to pay for an app that would just block all of these app requests

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    I agree. Everything and anything has an app these days and most of them are shit. The market is so over saturated that genuinely good apps are probably being ignored. I know I will not use an app unless absolutely necessarily.

    Why use and app if your browser will do?

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