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    item notes addon

    way back in the long ago days of whenever it was, there was an amazing addon called Notes U Need which would let you make tooltip notes of any item or NPC in game. sadly the addon stopped being updated and inevitably stopped working
    never have I found a replacement. I mourned and I moved on
    but looking through old screenshots and chatting with friends has reminded me of this addon and I'm hoping somebody can recommend something

    sometimes there'll be an item that one of my characters needs but I can't remember which one. at the moment I have to muck about with spreadsheets and/or notepad documents (I have more paperwork for WoW than for my job!) but if I could just put a tooltip saying "leliana needs this" for example then that would be so much more convenient
    or those tier tokens from Throne of the Four Winds, you realise you've thirty of them sitting in your bank so you fly up to the vendor in Org or SW to trade them in for a slot token but you have all the transmogs already and can't remember which token will, once used, vendor for the most gold for this class... being able to throw a note on the item would save me having to either muck about with wowhead or just buying one of each and then trading the other tokens in for whichever sold for the most...

    so to sum up, anyone know a good addon for adding notes to items?

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    I think the Tradeskillmaster addon can do this. TSM has highly advanced and customizeable tooltips. Traditionally, these have been used by auction house enthusiasts to display gold value of items in their bags. However, you COULD switch all of it off, and then start making custom groups (with no market operation associated with it). You could make a custom group called "leliana needs this" and include in that group just the 1 item that needs that message in its tooltip. You could add more than 1 item to that group if multiple items needed that tooltip message.
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