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    Sweet! Excited to log in when servers come up and check out all the new changes!

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    There was a neat addon that was doing the calculations pre-patch, so you could see exactly where you would end up. Inspired me to grind a little bit. heh

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    Quote Originally Posted by eduwneso View Post
    so? not that much people play PTR and want to get the content and play it for the first time in live. People who play beta en PTR to report bugs even if blizz listens or not, are my heroes because i'm a selfish guy who wants to play it all live. One week it's ok to wait before the events start, my god it's only a week hahaha, if you did not do all the mage towers you wanted you had quite a lot of time since the start of argus (when you could get quite a lot of ilvl), I personally quit wow in february and came back to do the challenges that I could, won't blame blizz for not playing their game when I had to, damn xD

    P.D: sorry for my english
    So, that's what PTR is for.

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