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    Patch 8.0.1 Live This Week!

    Patch 8.0.1 - Build 27101 Hotfixes
    Some class and item hotfixes went out this morning!

    Patch 8.0.1 Live This Week!
    Patch 8.0.1 brings all the Battle for Azeroth system changes and goes live on Tuesday / Wednesday this week.

    Undocumented Changes
    Wowpedia has a user compiled list of undocumented changes in the patch. Keep in mind this list could be out of date.

    New Login Screen
    The Battle for Azeroth login screen is added in this patch!

    Class Changes
    Patch 8.0 changes many classes. Icy-Veins is finishing up their guides for the patch!

    Talent Calculator
    We have updated the talent calculator to reflect all the latest talent options!

    Global Cooldown Changes
    • Many spells and cooldowns that were once off the global cooldown are now on the global cooldown.
    • Most Racials and trinkets are still off the global cooldown.
    • Arcane Torrent is the only racial on the global cooldown.

    Artifact Weapons Disabled
    • All traits and abilities attached to artifact weapons will become disabled, including those from the Netherlight Crucible and your relics.
    • Relics can still be slotted into the weapon, but all they do is increase the item level of the weapon.
    • Certain abilities from the artifact weapon have been incorporated into specs as either baseline or talents.
    • The base tint for mage tower skins is no longer obtainable, but if you managed to unlock it you can still unlock the other colors.
    • The artifact skin tint tied to completing a Mythic +15 in time is still obtainable in BfA by completing one of the new dungeons at +15 in time.

    Artifact Weapon Transmog
    You will be able to transmog into your artifact weapons and druid froms in the transmog menu:

    • When transmogging your weapon, there is an option under the weapon type drop down menu called "Artifact Pair."
    • When you select this, you see your basic artifact weapon and the different versions and colors of each unlocked weapon.
    • When you right click the version as a druid, a list of the different forms and color options is able to be selected to apply to your character. The form is still linked to your artifact weapon and so your weapon will appear as the claws or daggers (based on spec) regardless of what weapon you have equipped. (ex - your equipped polearm would still turn into the dual daggers).

    Item Level Squish
    Battle for Azeroth implements an item level squish and we have updated the WoWDB Beta site to reflect the new stats and item levels.

    • Items of level 950 are now 230.
    • Items of level 980 are now 260.
    • Legendary items with item level 1000 are now 265.
    • Argus trinkets with item level 1000 are now 280.

    Stat Squish
    Battle for Azeroth will include a major stat squish just like what happened right before Warlords of Draenor!

    Class Utility Buffs and Dispells
    Several classes have seen their castable buffs and dispels return in the prepatch.

    • Buffs
      • Mage - Arcane Intellect. Infuses the target with brilliance, increasing their Intellect by 10% for 60 min. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.
      • Priest - Power Word: Fortitude. Infuses the target with vitality, increasing their Stamina by 10% for 60 min. If the target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected.
      • Warrior - Battle Shout. Increases the attack power of all raid and party members within 100 yards by 10% for 60 min.
      • Demon Hunter - Chaos Brand. Your Chaos/Fire damage brands the target, increasing magic damage taken by 5%.
      • Monk - Mystic Touch. Your damage weakens the target, increasing Physical damage taken by 5%.
    • Dispels
      • Demon Hunter - Consume Magic. Consume 1 beneficial Magic effect from the target, removing it and granting you 20 Fury/Pain.
      • Druid - Soothe. Soothes the target, dispelling all enrage effects.
      • Hunter - Hunters with a bat or nether ray pet can now dispel magic or enrage effects as well.
      • Mage - Remove Curse. Removes all Curses from a friendly target.

    Loot Changes
    Moving forward, current content will use Personal Loot and old content will use Legacy Loot mode.

    • All current content will use Personal Loot. Master Loot is gone.
    • Group and Master Loot puts players at the mercy of others, often in ways that aren't fair. Trial players in a new guild may not get anything for weeks because that is the guild policy.
    • When you kill a boss, it isn't about if there is something on the corpse that you want, but if someone is going to give you that loot. It disconnects the reward from killing the boss.
    • Trading restrictions for loot will work the same as they do now for the most part. If it is lower than the highest item level piece you have ever looted and had soulbound for that slot, you can trade it.
    • Content that is no longer current will utilize Legacy Loot mode, which boosts the amount of loot and allows loot for any class and spec to drop.
    • Legacy Content occurs when you are 10 levels or more above the maximum level of the content.

    New World Map
    Kul Tiras and Zandalar have been added to the world map.

    War of Thorns Quest Chain
    Spoilers ahead! The War of Thorns is the quest chain that leads up to the Burning of Teldrassil. These events won't start until July 24.

    Character Customization Updates
    There are several character customization changes and additions coming with this patch.

    • Orcs will finally be able to stand upright!
    • Void Elves had some slight face tweaks.
    • Blood Elf Males now have more relaxed lips.
    • Blood Elves now have golden eyes
    • You can now change your skin color for 300 gold at the barber shop.

    New Spell Animations
    Warlocks and a few other classes have some new animations.

    Profession Changes
    • Each profession will now be separated into expansions and leveled separately from one another.
    • Each expansion will have it's own leveling path for items from that expansion, similar to the Mists of Pandaria cooking.
    • You can choose to go back and level older expansion crafting, or you can simply level the current expansion.
    • This allows you to craft items with current expansion materials without needing older expansion materials to level
    • You can still go back and level older expansion crafting skills as well.
    • To clarify further, an example of this means that you can level your "Cataclysm Tailoring" by crafting Cataclysm patterns, but this doesn't stop you from progressing your "Kul Tiran / Zandalari Tailoring" with the new expansion's patterns.
    • First Aid is going away and its patterns are being redistributed into Tailoring and Alchemy. Your First Aid crafts will have to be relearned in their respective new profession.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    In BfA will we have to relearn crafts from previous expansions?
    In Battle for Azeroth, any crafts you’ve learned in the past will still be there and not need to be re-learned, with the exception of First Aid. Tailoring and Alchemy crafts, bandages, and anti-venoms that used to be in First Aid will have to be re-learned.(WarcraftDevs)

    Updated PvP Talents System and War Mode
    PvP Talents and World PvP are significantly changing in this patch:

    • PvP talents are unlocked for everyone as they level, rather than through PvP gameplay.
    • Players can select three PvP talents from a large pool of options for your spec, including a "PvP Trinket" style talent.
    • War Mode allows you to toggle on and off World PvP on all realms, removing the distinction between PvE and PvP realms.
    • War Mode can be toggled on or off in your faction's capital city.
    • Players will only see other players that have War Mode on if they have it on, or players that have it off if they have it off.
    • War Mode enables PvP Talents everywhere that PvP can happen and provides 10% bonus XP and rewards from World Quests.
    • You will only see groups in the Group Finder that contain players who also have War Mode set to the same status that you do.
    • Honor is account wide and still grants increased Honor Levels, which reward titles, pets, mounts, icons, and more.

    PvP Progression Updates
    PvP Progression will receive some significant overhauls in this patch. We've highlighted some of the important points below, but be sure to read the full post for all of the details.

    • Ratings now fall into brackets: Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, and Gladiator.
    • Conquest points are back!
    • Players can earn a specific piece of raid-quality gear each week, adding up to full sets of increasing quality over the course of a season.
    • Rated play in any bracket (including 2v2) will count toward earning Vicious mounts.
    • There is a new end-of-the week reward similar to the weekly chests you can earn for doing Mythic Keystone dungeons.
    • If you’ve filled up your Conquest bar for the week, you’ll receive a reward in the chest. The item level will be based on the highest bracket in which you won at least one game last week.

    PvP Tiers
    The prepatch is adding a PvP Tier system for 2v2, 3v3, and RBGs! The listed max rating is likely when you will ascend to the next tier, with the listed min rating for each tier being slightly below when you ascend to that tier to prevent you from dropping back down right away.

    • Unranked: 0 - 1400
    • Combatant: 1375 - 1600
    • Challenger: 1575 - 1800
    • Rival: 1775 - 2100
    • Duelist: 2075 - 2400
    • Gladiator: 2375+

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    In BfA we are doing some meaningful re-structuring of the PvP itemization system, as well as the ranking system. We're still massaging the system, but we'd like to share some details which may help alleviate some of your concerns. Keep in mind some of this stuff could still change. No pony promises.

    New ranking system
    We're updating the ranking system to better mirror the other games at Blizzard. WoW via arena is actually one of the first competitive games at Blizzard to have a rating system, so it's fair to say it's time for an update.

    To that end we want to bucket players in rankings similar to StarCraft or Overwatch using labels such as Gold, Platinum etc. (We're still going to have our own titles (Challenger, Rival, Duelist etc.)) We feel these rankings have grown to common verbage in the competitive PvP community so we're happy to bring them to WoW. Keep in mind that you'll still be able to see your rating at end of match and within the UI. And we're also looking to add your actual rank in the UI as well (as in, you're rank #10 in the region).

    New iLevel reward scheme
    Similar as in Legion, we're going to reward you with better gear based upon your competitive standing. However, in Legion we rewarded you incrementally in a linear fashion. So as you gained more rating, your iLevel gradually increased. We found this didn't reflect the distribution of players very fairly in terms of appropriate reward for effort in the system. (Translation: The iLevel of rewards was generally too low) In result we're changing the distribution instead to be something of a bell curve, to match the new ranking system.

    What this means is that players in Challenger/Gold (1600-1800 around) will have a chance at ~Normal raid quality loot, Rival/Platinum (starting around 1800) with Heroic Raid quality loot, and so on.

    Epic Appearances and other rewards
    Different rewards will be tied to different rankings. In Legion you got the entire Epic appearance when you hit 2000 rating, in BfA this will be gradually rewarded to you at different ranks. And you will instantly get the look after you achieve that rank, rather than a end of season calculation.

    We totally get the concerns with potentially too broad of brackets. And we definitely agree the competitive spirit often burns brightest at the highest ratings, so it's something we'll be mindful of. Season Gladiator mounts (and likely glad titles) will still be a % distribution at end of season like in the past, and we could see new rewards for the upper brackets as we shift some of the others (Epic appearances) downwards.

    Weekly Conquest
    As discussed in the past, we're introducing a conquest system based upon past designs. You will earn conquest from doing PvP activities (mostly rated, but some also from War Mode) that will fill a bar for a reward each week. This is intended to be attractive to the average player.

    One of our biggest goals with the new system is to better align the effort and reward in contrast to all of the other parts of the game, especially at the lower rankings who perhaps in Legion (or in the past) didn't see it as worth their time. I think we can all agree that more players doing competitive PvP is a worthwhile goal.

    We hope to have these systems live in beta soon, and hope to hear your feedback!

    Will there be any incentive to do casual BGs? Perhaps a small daily reward of conquest? New system sounds great otherwise.
    Our current thought is you'll get a good chunk of conquest for first win of the day (Normal Battlegrounds as well as Epic Battlegrounds), as well as a little bit for wins.

    Prestige Converted to Honor Level
    You will no longer prestige in the prepatch. The new honor level system goes up to 500. The prestige rewards from Legion are being redistributed among this new cap, but if you already earned them you won't have to grind them again.

    Here are the current rewards from the new Honor level system.
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Honor Level 5 - Dutiful Squire (A) or Dutiful Gruntling (H)
    Honor Level 10 - Honorable Pennant
    Honor Level 15 - Prestigious Bronze Courser
    Honor Level 20 - Alliance Enthusiast or Horde Fanatic
    Honor Level 25 - Title: "The Honorable "
    Honor Level 30 - Prestigious Pennant
    Honor Level 40 - Prestigious Ivory Courser
    Honor Level 50 - Title: "The Prestigious"
    Honor Level 60 - Elite Pennant
    Honor Level 70 - Prestigious Azure Courser
    Honor Level 80 - Title: "The Unrelenting "
    Honor Level 90 - Esteemed Pennant
    Honor Level 100 - Title: " the Unstoppable Force"
    Honor Level 125 - Prestigious Forest Courser
    Honor Level 150 - Prestigious Royal Courser
    Honor Level 175 - Glorious Pennant
    Honor Level 200 - Title: "Bound by Honor"
    Honor Level 250 - Prestigious Midnight Courser
    Honor Level 300 - Title: " the Tactician"
    Honor Level 400 - Sir Snips (A) or Bucketshell (H)
    Honor Level 500 - Prestigious Bloodforged Courser

    New Social System - Communities
    The community system is in! This system is similar to Blizzard Groups, and actually lets you create Blizzard Groups in game. Players can be in multiple communities, use the text chat (with history), voice chat, roles, calendar invites, and more!

    Collection Achievements
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Pet Battles



    Toy Box

    Mount and Pet Dressing Room
    You can now see mounts and pets when someone links a mount or pet in chat by using Ctrl + click it to preview it in the dressing room window, similar to the current functionality for armor and weapons.

    World Quest UI Changes
    It will be significantly more effort to group for World Quests due to new restrictions on what addons can do with the Group Finder.

    • The default UI no longer offers the option to find a group for non-elite quests. The option is still there for Elite quests.
    • Addons can no longer automatically create groups, even with a user pressing the button. The title and description can only be manually filled out.
    • Users will have to manually add a title and create a group for world quests. You can't even paste text into the fields.
    • Addons can still search for groups.

    In Game Voice Chat
    You'll find the voice chat controls along the left side of the text chat window, and you can configure your devices and push-to-talk in the Voice Chat section of System settings.

    UI Updates
    • The bottom right actionbar is now twelve buttons in two rows of six buttons.
    • The micromenu and bags have all been moved to the bottom right.

    New Icons
    All of the Battle for Azeroth icons are added in this patch.

    Misc Changes
    Patch 8.0.1 has some new emotes, tips, and more!

    WoWDB Addon Data Collection
    Quickly populating the database with new additions is done with the help of many players. The more people that contribute data, the more accurate and quickly we can update the database.

    To help out, just click here if you have the Twitch Desktop App already installed.

    When you are playing the addon will gather data and save it. When you are done playing, Twitch will see the game close and upload the collected data from the addon.

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    Well guess what Blizzard?

    I will just stop doing those ones... How retarded to remove things like "find group" option in an MMO
    Last edited by mmocfd328e0b6e; 2018-07-17 at 11:09 AM.

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    Thank you for the UI changes, NOT!

    I installed Dominos, because the new action bar is is a complete disaster for me.

    Is there any smaller addon which can restore the "old" action bars?
    Bartender4 does not work for me (it does not show my keybindings).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhru View Post
    Well guess what Blizzard?

    I will just stop doing those ones... How retard to remove things like "find group" option in an MMO
    What the fuck are you even talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Rubbing Specialist View Post
    What the fuck are you even talking about?
    I might be wrong but you won't be able to use LFG addons anymore. You will have to search ingame and enter the title of the quest by yourself to find a group. (like before eh)

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    anyone able to confirm if Vengence DH can transmog the Havoc glaives? - I would imagine they are spec specific but my fingers are crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preia View Post
    I might be wrong but you won't be able to use LFG addons anymore. You will have to search ingame and enter the title of the quest by yourself to find a group. (like before eh)
    Instead of pressing "Join" on an addon and letting the group do the work, you have actually put a little effort in now.

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    For pet collection achievs. Did they increase the pet # cap? I have duplicates of some pets because they are strong for dailies and such, don’t wanna have to release them...

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    Where’s Tranq Shot for Hunters? Or any of the party/raid buffs originally discussed? Are those just gone and dismissed forever?
    Also, I’m never one to get mad at being given stuff, but why a pet for a toy achievement? Wouldn’t an exclusive toy or title be more fitting?

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    Yooo, where are the warlock combat stance animations?

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    "The bottom right actionbar is now twelve buttons in two rows of six rather than two rows of ten."

    Stop perpetuating this lie. Before 8.0 it's 1 row of 12, now it's 2 rows of 6. You aren't losing any buttons.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Acideyeliner View Post
    For pet collection achievs. Did they increase the pet # cap? I have duplicates of some pets because they are strong for dailies and such, don’t wanna have to release them...
    It was changed a while ago to 1500.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Saiboter View Post
    Is there any smaller addon which can restore the "old" action bars?
    Bartender4 does not work for me (it does not show my keybindings).
    What do you want back? You didn't lose anything except the dragon art.

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    Do you people have to whine about EVERYTHING??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gravity2015 View Post
    anyone able to confirm if Vengence DH can transmog the Havoc glaives? - I would imagine they are spec specific but my fingers are crossed
    All artifact appearances are spec locked unfortunately. You can use an artifact appearance over any weapon type for that spec though. Sword --> Havoc glaives in Havoc spec.

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    darn, yah thaths what I figured but where both specs use glaives I had fingers crossed ahaha - thanks for reply, enjoy
    "We will not compromise our standards to release a title before it is ready."
    WoW T.W.O ( The Wars Over )

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    GG, they destroyed the orc model. Everyone is going to quit the game now, good job blizzard. Nobody asked for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huldu View Post
    GG, they destroyed the orc model. Everyone is going to quit the game now, good job blizzard. Nobody asked for this.
    Wtf are you goin' on about?
    At times, the frequent redundancy and stupidity of these forums, turns me into an argumentative ass.

    To most of you, I apologize in advance. I will attempt to be nicer.

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    RIP world quest group finder, Legion's MVP. And FUCK YOU blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzak View Post
    Wtf are you goin' on about?
    Nothing. Just ignore them.

    It's an optional posture which allows Orcs to stand up normally rather than hunched which you don't have to use.
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    So If master Loot is out, what incentive is there to actually Raid with a guild and perform top tier? I mean You used to get rewarded for being there every raid and doing top performance, Now there is no way to gear up Tanks and Heals first? Will you have a bunch of great geared DPS and tanks that get 1 shot? Im confused by this being removed and exactly what purpose it serves?

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    Little late now, but since SotA is getting taken away, does that make "Dinner Impossible" actually impossible now?

    Goodbye chef title...

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