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    I think im done replaying to the 3 of you obstinate ppl because you seem to not be playing the game at all. I just logout after 2 hours of constant darkshore fights i didnt even finish all 4 wqs. There were 3 raids trying to control them (2 horde, 1 ally) basically making both your points moot (1, wpvp being dead by the OP, and 2. too big benefits by turning the mode one, i repeat after 2 hours i only got 3/4 wqs, if i had turned warmode off, i could do it in 10 minutes tops)
    LiPiNo, you are the guy from @[email protected] who I respect the most, you actually try to give some proper feedback and that's great. While doing Darkshore YOU chose to become a part of raid, while you simply could do just quests. I joined a raid, 40 pll were chasing 2-3 people trying to do World quests. REALLY FUN. 100 honor for bountry is too low, not worth the time. But as for myself I finally found fun in pvp by 1) Killing NPCs without warmode, 2) Playing on opposite faction with 0 population

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    Have you tried posting this on the official forums, it would be a whole lot more productive.
    There are actually already posts there! You can see I linked one in this topic already!

    Quote Originally Posted by vkpush View Post
    Is it nation bashing if it's true? And the only reason people are "scared" of Russians are because they queue as a full 10 man team that sits on discord (proven by another user on here). It's a bit different to the opposing team with 10 solo players.
    Hey, sorry I have no intention to talk to you offtopic and gets this topic closed. This discussion has nothing to do with my topic so leave your braindead ideas out of my topic please. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protip View Post
    Yeah, we had a chat about that already. If you want to quit over PvP talents, that’s fine. People do pointless things all the time. The issue you’re imagining here is not a problem.
    Nah.. I quit because the game since WoD is just a very bad MMO. The PvP talent thing is just another change that will lose MORE subscribers. When you think about it... NOTHING Blizzard is doing with WoW is drawing new cusotmers, and there are several things that are losing customers.

    Not a winning business model.
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    Turn flying off in Warmode


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    Assassination Rogues' damage at the moment is SO out of control, that there is no incentive do opt to War Mode if any of these are nearby (and thus being geared well enough). No class is able to withstand them at the moment except, perhaps, guardian druids.

    Pre-patch class imbalance was always a known feature, but even compared to previous cases this seems beyond reasonable, and there is still no hotfix coming. BGs with 4-5 Assa Rogues out of 10-15 players in total are a common occurrence these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by La View Post
    Yes!! Almost like people who want "World PvP" are people who just enjoy bullying people who are underleveled or undergeared. The slightest sign of even odds or people getting on their mains, they run with their tail between their legs.

    This is actually world PvP, just not the kind shit players wanted. Although "Actual world pvp" is a bit of a stretch
    Prey on the weak. What is wrong with that?

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    So me and my gf just had a fight on 90 lvls vs 110 level and we won, it felt really great! So I am taking some of my words back, HOWEVER, before we were facing around 3-4 players near by, after patch while lvling in same zone for around 2 hours we met a single 110 level. So all my others words, sadly, still true.

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    BTW you can wait for Classic Wow. You can go there and gank people as much as you like! Just be patient till the release.

    Other than that, deal with it. I am sure there will be enough players that will go with warmode on. They will just finish their daily chores WQs in a safe environment for efficiency, switch to PvP and go rampart. Be there and fight! I don't know how good you are at PvP (you may be so used to killing lowbies that you forgot how to actually fight, who knows) but I am sure you will have your opportunities for epic fights! Have faith!
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    WoW needs corpse looting. The one thing that made Ultima Online awesome was killing someone, looting their house key, and stealing everything they had ever earned in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    98 Mage, got a few kills on a 107 DH while trying to level her.

    WPVP isnt dead. if anything its seeing a resurgence since Pre-Patch yesterday
    where you in azuna???? lol

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    Not sure what you're on about, I've done more world pvp since the patch than I have the rest of Legion combined.
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    I've never been too much into PvP but I played a on pvp server cause the risk of being ganked made the world feel real and authentic. With an off/on button, it reminds me that wow is just a game and not a "real" place. I had similar feelings for lfg and lfr.

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    It feels like a game, cause it is a game. *mindblow*

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    "The major fun about world pvp was Unfairness of it."

    Said no one ever.

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    Ganking lowbies is a major fun?

    I can't even...

    "Location: Moscow"

    Say no more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsSpiRo View Post
    Ganking lowbies is a major fun?

    I can't even...

    "Location: Moscow"

    Say no more.
    And you even not showing your location, what a proud member of your nation, fucking cunt.

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    I leveled a hunter from 100 to 110 last week and it seemed that people are way more aggressive in the world than before, I think warmode indeed started a fire in people's heart about killing the other faction when they see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malderon View Post
    And you even not showing your location, what a proud member of your nation, fucking cunt.
    Everything is better than a Russian monkey.. Go make 10 man rides so you can gank solo guys who level.

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    Lol the PVP is more alive than it has ever been.
    I've been questing in Pandaria on my 110 warrior for rep and I've encountered countles lvl 110 from the Horde there with warmode on obviously.
    The Horde is raiding Stormwind every day with 40 people and they don't even go to Anduin, they start at Goldshire and make their way to the gates

    Even in Lordaeron's ruins there was PVP after the event, people would fight on top of the buildings of the city

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    I'm also slightly worried that enough people won't have warmode enabled but it stands to be seen. As long as the incentives are big enough me & others will surely keep it enabled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsanden View Post
    I'm also slightly worried that enough people won't have warmode enabled but it stands to be seen. As long as the incentives are big enough me & others will surely keep it enabled.
    Why do you need incentives to keep it on? Shouldn’t a separate mode be enough? People have been crying so long that world PvP is dead and no one does it. Now all world PvP lovers have a special little pond you can swim around in.

    I am pretty sure war mode will be a wasteland after a short while because not enough people care about world PvP. Especially when peered with others who want to do it. What most “world pvpers” do anyway is to attack when one is low on health or being attacked by several mobs. It doesn’t matter how good the incentives are.

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