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    Lock Quest: Green Fire Question.

    So I have green fire, pre patch, on another character. Instead of spending an arm and a leg to Faction change and server Xfer, I decided to level a new lock. I know i can use the title at 90 and can go after the green fire, but how hard will that quest be with the new stat squish? Will it be to do, does anyone know? Has anyone ran it post BFA Patch? Any info would be great, Thank you

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    It's going to be more difficult, but there is a way around that. Make sure you have your gateway and portal in place before the pull. As soon as you enslave the pitlord you immediately stun Kanrethad and port/run all the way down the stairs. If you do this correctly, you shouldn't be afflicted with doom. From here you need to constantly stun and interrupt Kanrethad until he retreats back to summon demons. Stay down the stairs and make sure you keep the stuns/interrupts on Kanrethad until he runs back to summon the puppies. At this point, I recommend going up to deal the puppies: Make sure your pitlord stays down stairs and go up to take on the puppies. Use the pillar to los Kanrethad until he either decides to cataclysm (at which point you should be back downstairs) or you have dealt with them. Then you can go back downstairs and keep interrupting him. At this point he will summon a doom lord. Take this time to deal as much damage as you can to it while using the walls and stuns to keep Kanrethad from attacking you. When it is time for puppers#2 you will hopefully have dealt with the first doom guard by then. Go back up and kill those pups as soon as possible and get back before using a cleansing potion to remove doom. You can either choose to keep the other doom guard banished or deal with it. It doesn't really matter but from here you can let your put lord kill Kanrethad by himself. (You may need to bring him back to you to heal both you and him every now and then).

    The entire process takes about an hour if you intend to let the pitlord do all the work. Make sure you bring strong aoe for when he starts summoning infinite imps. You can choose to go in on Kanrethad but remember, the second curse will be your last as you can't use a second potion so make sure you're ready to bring the damage and assume all of the other excess risks. Post a video on youtube if you manage to do it at level. It will be fun to watch

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