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    As a team player who cares about the overall progression of my mythic raiding group, I'd much rather be asked to trade an item, than be forced to waste an item I don't want, that someone else needs, but it isn't tradable. Our guild bank just handed out a ton of epic BOEs to everyone on the raid team at no cost to individuals to give us a head start on gearing. So I would happily trade an item that is better for someone else in the future. Our leadership isn't greedy or selfish and made reasonable loot decisions. Blizzard is basically forcing everyone to be individually selfish and greedy about loot, with a "me me me mine mine mine" mentality, instead of letting us decide as adults if we want to share. They forced one play style I want nothing to do with on everyone because expecting people to make choices like mature, responsible adults is just too much to ask, I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post
    Maybe stop trying to game the system and just let everyone keep loot they get, or let those people decide whether they want to part with it or not?

    Loot has never been Worse. You get something, or you don't get anything. If you get something and you don't need it, you cant trade it to someone else. problem.
    fixed. its bad for reasons which have been pointed out again and again.

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