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    I don't understand how people use ctrl. I can only use shift and alt, to jam my pinky on the ctrl and hit 1,2,3 etc is just too awkward, same as moving my thumb.

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    If I can't fit something where I want it, I pick a different talent or see if I can macro multiple abilities together. Macroing stuff together just became a little more annoying now because of the GCD timers but you could still use castsequence macros for buffs. I'm not about min/maxing and using builds that other people say are the best. I do what's fun and comfortable for me.

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    I realize this thread is sort of turning into my personal blog here but I'm so bored of not being satisfied with my UI's.

    Back to the basics to try and figure out how to make this puzzle of icons, groups, ordering and keybinds look good.

    Edit: Damnit. I knew I was going to take the time to make that and still mess it up. Missing reck from fury and CS from arms.
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    You can use B for an extra spell, default is open bag, but I've always opened them with shift + B, so it frees up a key.
    I also use ` for interrupts, but you can do it for any spell you think could be useful.
    I don't have as much OCD as you though. But I do have extra hotkeys just in case I need them, and simply put the spell on them. I'll learn how to properly use them over time.
    I could give you my UI but it's the blizzard one with all the extra action bars opened.
    I'm pretty sure showing you my UI wouldn't help, hell, you'd probably be triggered by it.

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    You might want to switch to hiding your bars entirely and just using weakauras to show the abilities you care about, in the place you want to see them.

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    Well, the puzzle continues. Day 301: I'm getting closer but the solution still eludes me. Wondering how I can have fury remain 1,2,3, B5 and yet have cleave be beside mortal strike and yet NOT also on B5 & how I can not have cleave hanging off the end looking after execute looking all stupid. (A prime example of how the positioning of one spec dictates the positioning of another)

    I feel like I'm going to have to resort to WA's for arms extra spells but just put them all below the main abilities bar and ungrouped. Arms extra abilities have a rotational attack, a small cooldown and a defensive and I'd much prefer if they were grouped with the others and not placed randomly. Sue me, I want my spells to be grouped.

    Edit: when you try and think of a system of WA's it's just impossible. Should I have reck and cs as WA's? but then it's no longer only WA's for talented spells. Rend might as well be hidden so now only some talented spells should be WA's? I wanted the icons under my spells to be CD's but rend, def stance and slice and dice aren't. Oh yes! Furious slash is a talent but isn't a WA. Well, that system doesn't work. I'm so close to giving up.

    there's just too much to think about when trying to think of a system for all specs, let alone all classes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grayson Carlyle View Post
    You might want to switch to hiding your bars entirely and just using weakauras to show the abilities you care about, in the place you want to see them.
    That's what the rest of the thread is about. It's not a solution I want to use.
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    From my PoV in a raid perspective. Is Berserker Rage and Victory rush really neccessary to have on your bars for those times? That would solve two arms spells in that case or four if you count Hamstring and Heroic Throw as well which is 90% never needed in raid encounters unless there's a specific boss that has adds that must be slowed or if there's an encounter with a fear mechanic which rarely exists anymore.

    That would pretty much solve the entire thing when you are in a raid that is. But for PvP and outdoor content Victory rush is pretty nice to have and same thing with Hamstring.

    Or you could macro some abilities together using a modifier which would make room for a even more minimalistic UI like a modifier macro with Cleave and Whirlwind together so there's quite a few options out there for you to condense the UI even more.

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    Can a macro be used to change a keybind?

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    I was getting really close to something I liked. I was operating under the following rules:

    1.If it's a talent it will go under my main bar (def stance, siegebreaker)
    2. If it's a talent but can be hidden it should be hidden (furious slash, rend)
    3. If it's not a talent but baked into spec then it'll be on my main bar

    This was going fine until it suddenly hit me. What if siegebreaker becomes the default spec? Then it's sitting alone there looking stupid.
    Not to mention sweeping strikes doesn't fit on my main bars. I really wish it was a talent. I could replace slam with it since I don't need to see slam but then it'd mean sweeping strikes would be keybound to '2' which is stupid for a 30s cd.


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    Macroing a melee ability with charge may help you out. An example of a popular one:
    /cast Charge
    /cast Hamstring
    This will use Charge when out of melee range, Hamstring when in melee range. Replace Hamstring with Bloodthirst or whatever you like (I put Rend in there personally).

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    YET ANOTHER complication. furious slash being a talent means it's possible to have 2 whirlwind icons in your UI. I wanted to have furious slash on 4 and whirldwind on 'e' on the top mainly to fill it in, but then when fs isn't talented I'll have 2 ww's there. I've put pummel there instead of what sort of system is that?


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    Stop taking all the extra talent buttons you can for X spec, and you'll have the same number of buttons.

    You're welcome.

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    If it's to any help when it comes to Fury, then here's my Fury UI with all my action bars visible. I have the side bars disabled or with mouseover visibility. It's also a WIP since I decided to redo my WA's and such today. I probably won't do anything for Arms right now since I'm enjoying Fury a lot more and I rather tackle that problem later when I find Arms more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phookah View Post
    Stop taking all the extra talent buttons you can for X spec, and you'll have the same number of buttons.

    You're welcome.
    Rofl. So your suggestion is don't play with your full kit or play a suboptimal build because of your UI. Nice suggestion.

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    Not sure to understand your problem exactly, but here's my UI. It's a mess, but I'm pretty sure you can work it out. Not shown are spells I hardly use (ie battle shout) and I can easily click them with my mouse. No point binding them.
    For Avatar, you can make 2 Avatar WAs, one that works with arms and the other with fury so that you won't have a "gap".

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    addon - ActionBarProfiles

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    Most keybind problems can be solved with bindpad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausername25 View Post

    Not my warrior UI, but it's identical for all specs, including healing and tanking.

    Works like a charm.

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    In my opinions, you are not fully utilizing what weak auras can do. I would give a second look to fully making a HUD using weak auras. Some of my icons in my HUD are actually multiple weak auras with different trigger conditions to do what I want. An example of this would be sweeping strikes. I have one that shows off cooldown and glows when active. I also have another weak aura that only shows 18 seconds into sweeping strikes CD. This functionally makes "1" icon that is desaturated on cooldown, glows on active, and is normal off cooldown.

    For me, the important part is that each position on my HUD is consistent for the keybind I use. So I know the far left button is always F, next is C, etc.

    I add an extra row for arms which has more buttons, but the position is consistent for me. I also have places in my HUD for buffs, like ww buff.

    For longer cooldowns that are reactive, I have them in a central place for them and they do not appear otherwise.

    I use bartender and have tiny icons at the bottom of my screen, but I don't use them for anything, and could probably hide them if I wanted to.

    My UI is still very much a work in progress and I have some cleaning up to do, but it's getting the job done right now before I have time to make it perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausername25 View Post



    Don't know if it helps but for talents you can use macro's such as the below to to fit them into 1 slot on your action bars - I do similar things with some PVP talents which I can swap between:
    #showtooltip [talent:6/1]Whirlwind; [talent:6/2]Dragon Roar; [talent:6/3]Bladestorm
    /use Bladestorm
    /use Dragon Roar
    /use Whirlwind
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