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    [A][Frostmourne]<Odyssey> 8/12M 2 Nights

    Odyssey is a relatively casual mythic guild that raids twice a week.

    We’ve recently made the move that a lot of guilds have made in joining the Alliance on Frostmourne and begun a slight rebuild. With this move we’ve also decided to slightly shift our raid times forward by half an hour.

    We like to stay competitive with other guilds that put in similar hours to us, without taking ourselves too seriously or sacrificing fun while raiding. We’re looking to add like-minded individuals that fit the criteria that would help us progress in the future and that will also fit our social structure.

    Our raid times are :
    Thursday Night - 7:30pm AEDST - 10:30pm AEDST (server time)
    Sunday Night - 7:30pm AEDST - 10:30pm AEDST (server time)

    Given that we don’t raid a lot, we generally have plenty of time throughout the week to do mythic+. We try to make sure that everyone has done at least one to guarantee the highest ilevel piece from the weekly chest, but will also put together groups with whoever we can throughout the week for something to do.

    We’ll also try to add some non compulsory social events, such as normal/heroic raids, mythic+, battlegrounds etc on non raid nights.

    Recruitment needs are as follows :
    Boomkin (medium prio)
    Spriest (medium prio)
    Warlock (medium prio)

    If interested, please contact me either here, or in game on my battletag - Kinetyk#1895. If I’m unavailable, try adding Ihatecrab2#1514 or Sharrukin#1110
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    Sent a request

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    Updated for BfA

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    Updated, need more healers!

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    Hey there! I play an orc resto shaman and am looking for a guild to play through bfa with!
    If you need more info about me just let me know and I'll get back to you, I'm very interested in joining

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    Updated, after caster DPS!

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    Updated, need a couple of healers and ranged DPS! Currently 8/8H and 1/8M with MOTHER about to die

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    Updated, still looking for a few solid DPS!

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    Updated, 4/8M! After a DPS DK, Mage, DPS Priest, Warlock and DPS Warrior.

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    Updated, looking for a few solid DPS! (More rogues for Zul :P)

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    Updated, looking for a few solid DPS!

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    Updated, looking for a few solid DPS!

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    Updated, still looking for a few solid DPS!

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    Updated, 8/8M finally! Looking for a couple of DPS going into BoD!

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    Updated, 6/9H BoD, looking for a couple of DPS as we get ready for mythic!

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