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    Personally, I would prefer it if the classes retained all of their utility in both scenarios, I like the PVP talents, and I would use them in PVE. Having disarm and spell reflect etc, would bring extra depth to playing a PVE warrior, we used to have them and it meant you could bring better plays in a PVE dungeon. You could straight up tank mobs for a time, that would otherwise one shot you. In BC heroics, when the trash was diabolical, these talents were instrumental in reducing the damage on a tank such that you didn't wipe on a dodgy pull. When everyone had these talents, dungeons were a more dynamic experience.
    If you had confined your post to this paragraph it would have made more sense. It litterally contradicts everything else you wrote, makes sense and is not toxic.

    +1 for this paragraph. Only this one paragraph.

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    Because the correct number of talents necessary to service different sides of the game like PVP and PVE are not necessarily the same. Rabble-rousing about it betrays a certain ignorance about game design. Separating the two things has been theoretically better for PVP and not having a bunch of PVP talents in our PVE spellbook/talents is fine too. Bleating about inequality is silly.
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    PVE and PVP having differing abilities is fine. I say this as a pve only player knowing that pvp players get additional talents compared to what I get. What is not okay is adding those pvp talents for use in pve content. Players focusing on PVE should not be playing a lesser version of a class in any PVE content as compared to PVP players. Any class abilities usable in any sort of PVE content need to be equally available to PVE players. The current design is terrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svetox View Post
    Because PvE is faceroll and easy while pvp requires more choices since it's dynamic play
    link armory tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigglypuff View Post
    Before Honor Talents existed, before they began pruning and you had a spellbook filled to the rafters, a PvP player would make greater and more extensive use of the array of abilities at his disposal. For example a tbc era frost mage would use rank 1 frostbolt to apply a snare because it had a shorter cast time even though it did little damage, arcane missiles on an enemy about to try to use a pillar to LoS, armor spells depending on the opponent, etc. PvP that many players enjoyed was mainly due to its dynamic nature

    Since the prune began in WoD, it should be no surprise that it was the PvP playerbase that was far more vocal in criticising Blizzard. Their solution was honor talents, a way to add abilities that make PvP more dynamic, a way to add abilities that would be cool in PvP but too powerful in PvE.

    Their inclusion now to extend to open-world content is part of an incentive package for world pvp specifically since it is an area of the game they have neglected for too long and was an absolute shambles in Legion.
    In general, I agree, but class mechanics degradation began much earlier, mainly since Сata. Only that they still didn't forget to add some little things then, so it didn't seem so clear-cut.

    But if you go back to the root of here discussed problem: there shouldn't be any "separate" talents tied to "game mode", just the same as shouldn't exist items that significantly change or add them. Class sets were only sane implementation (but BfA Azerite armor/legendaries from Legion aren't) of this (also profession stuff and nevertheless created some discomfort for balance, it's enough to recall engineering, but then they figured to add nice bonuses to rest of professions and everything returned to acceptable limits - it became in some sense tied already to character+content progress), but even they couldn't stand such an outrage over balance and its original concept due to constant fundamental changes in game and class design during course of new expansions. Character personal development should be tied directly to "character", but its progress in content (open world) is already towards reputation and accessible equipment (amount of stats and characteristics). There shouldn't be such stupidity as: this "ability" is available here, but there - it isn't. None of physical/magical (mechanics) laws of this universe explains how this happens. This is banal gag, crutch for solving a far-fetched "problem", evidence of developers incompetence.
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    Pfft... Everyone knows that PvE is harder than PvP... why do you thing there are so many Add-ons needed to PvE. /s

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    Quote Originally Posted by styil View Post
    When is Blizzard going to reconcile this inequality?
    once more than a minority does pvp
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathasil View Post
    If you had confined your post to this paragraph it would have made more sense. It litterally contradicts everything else you wrote, makes sense and is not toxic.

    +1 for this paragraph. Only this one paragraph.
    Pity you took it out of context.

    -1 for being dumb.

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