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    Will PVP Get Anymore Content?

    hey guys, i love the pvp mode of the game the most (havent really dabbled in WvW as yet) and while i love the combat i wouldnt say no to a nice increase in additional maps. Anet seem to not address this too much has anyone got any insight? cheers.

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    Funny you say that because I remember when PVP got most of the content.

    I think they moved most the pvp guys over to WvW, which is getting an overhaul to far down the pipe.

    They tend not to announce stuff until its basically done due to past 'promises' not making to the live game for whatever reason.

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    They're adding 2v2 gamemode to PvP soon as lack of Duo/team ranked queue at 1600+ rating is a huge issue (1600 isnt even good, I get around 1800 and I havent played PvP properly in 2 years). Id say it is before Christmas. You can check more details regarding it at the official GW2 PvP forums, I don't know too much about it as I am more of a WvW player these days since PvP conquest got boring after half a year or so as solo player.

    Anyways until then id focus just mastering each traitline and class and have fun with the PvP balance patches that happen every month.

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    Pvp was forgotten about once they finally realized everyone hated their retarded version of esports vs the incredibly fun version of the original guild wars so not it will never get any significant content lol. why you think its been conquest for eons..

    An arena mode without balance is going to be trash and frustrating, they tried to be WoW in the first place... well, opportunity missed my good sir cuz this should have had 3v3 in the beginning, or better yet 4v4 guild wars style arena with much less cancerous class design.

    oh well we can wait another 25 years to possibly get a MMO pvp game.

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    I think the problem with pvp is that they can't figure out how to monetize it. They can make a new map, folks will use the new map, but they won't spend more money BECAUSE of the new map.
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