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    Fury wPvP Talents & Gearing

    Been doing a bit of wpvp as fury (mainly trying to get that damn gurubashi heirloom trinket + darkshore warmode) and seem to be finding it tricky to survive vs a few classes that seem to be able to burst but also have more defensive tools (e.g. ret pala) or getting burst down while CC'd (rogue/frost mage). At the moment I'm using 4pc T21, courage+scourgewing, Head+Legs leggos, 2123133 w/ death sentence, slaughterhouse, battle trance. Was thinking about swapping to prydaz/bracers but not sure this will just gimp my damage as to cancel out any gains. Anyone got any tips?

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    Swap to prydaz+bracers, Stormbolt. the self healing you get from btrance, bracers, BT and for me the 10k prydaz bubble is nothing to scoff at. Stormbolt when they pop there cds. Sit back and widdle them down.

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