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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    JFC, some people take lore in a video game where you slay internet dragons for imaginary loot pretty fucking serious. Reading through this thread is one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen in quite some time.
    It's considerably more fun this way, at least for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anoikis View Post
    Sylvanas biggest mistake? She forgot to bring the marshmallows...

    Beside of this is "Burning Teldrassil" the new Blizzard quality standard? A shitty painting behind an invisible wall?
    Ikr! It doesn't even match the location and size of the original. They just rearrange shit and change dimensions like nobody will notice. It kills the immersion for me.
    I am not a fan of the comic book cinematics either but whatever, time constraints and all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    The Horde that's literally declaring war on life and hope itself? You signed up to be a Saturday morning cartoon villain?
    Eliminating the Alliance is now "killing life and hope"? Good joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J012D4N View Post
    Doors <---- That way.
    And you call yourself "Forsaken". smdh
    I play undead too
    Lol I know my profile pic is an undead, but I still don't agree what the undead usually do in WoW (Like wrathgate).

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    On the archetypal level, Sylvanas' actions are *in character*. She is undead. She is the leader of the unliving. Next to the Lich King, she is THE primary relatable agent of everything that opposes life: death, undeath.

    Initially, her actions were that of a Warchief. Attack is the best defense. Conquer the enemy, secure the continent. She has proven herself a master at military strategy time and time again, and this was no different... initially.

    Sylvanas Windrunner took on the mantle of Warchief because it was commanded by the previous Warchief, Vol'jin. This came as a surprise to all Horde leaders, and for good reason: Sylvanas is not meant to lead the living. At best, she can compromise with them, live in an uneasy agreement. But she will never represent them or their interests. The role of Warchied is exactly that for her; a ROLE. She is incapable of being a representative for the living. She can never embody it, for she is not alive.

    Her conversation with the dying Night Elf, as shown in the cutscene, reminded her of her true nature: that of undeath. Her ultimate purpose, - no matter how much she can pretend, not in the least to herself, to be "better" than this, - is exemplified by her notorious mantra of "Death to the living." The Lich King himself turned her, his warped and dark magics infusing her with hatred and contempt towards anything resembling life. This cannot be overlooked. Sylvanas Windrunner cannot ignore her nature, no one can. No matter how much she seeks to reconnect with her own blood, no matter how much she wishes to be a leader of the living AND the unliving in the form of Warchief, she will ALWAYS oppose the living. She will ALWAYS seek "death to the living."

    During that conversation with the dying Elf, Sylvanas' demeanor changed dramatically: She turned from being the military-minded "Warchief of the Horde" into the Banshee Queen, Queen of the Forsaken, agent of (un)death and opposer of the Light. Undeath, and any magic related to it, ignites negative emotions such as hatred and fear, speaking to the scared animal on the inside. Sylvanas is a being whose sole existence is possible because of this magic alone, being 'birthed' by it via extreme traumatic events. Her essence knows no love. Her essence is that of hatred and fear and contempt and...

    No longer acting as Warchief, in that moment she acted as THE embodiment of Undeath. Death to the living. Indeed, from the perspective of her own psyche, she was acting from her subconscious self. Her archetypal self took over, her animalistic self, her most basic and 'true' self. She is acting as an Undead would. She looks up to the Tree, sees it brimming with Light and shining with hope for all that lives... and she can't stand the sight of it. The Light has forsaken her and now brings her and her people nothing but pain. The Light is her enemy. The Tree now symbolizes Life to her, and she has made Life her enemy, as noted by the insightful Nigh Elf in front of her, whose Light she can feel dying. No longer does any military advantage matter, as for Sylvanas death is her beginning and her end. Death is her Alpha and her Omega. In this moment of weakness, she succumbed.

    Sylvanas has been fighting her nature for quite some time now. A leader of the unliving AND the living, acting on behalf of creatures she cannot "feel." Her empathy towards them does not exist, but still she tries. Perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of a sense of duty, perhaps out of melancholia for her own past living self... whatever the reason may be, she fights to secure her spot - and that of her undead followers - between the living. "Death to the living." How long can she resist? How long can she fight herself?

    Once the deed was done, she realizes the loss of strategic advantage. She is back to being Warchief; she has regained her 'sanity.' She knows that "the Alliance will come," for both her and for the Horde. She is not pleased by her actions, and she fears their results. This is the reasoning of her "higher mind," but her lower mind... her primal self... is undeath and will always seek... Death to the living.

    ------ This is my take on her rather impulsive action. Personally, I don't see this as a "turn to evil," as evil is her birthright and Blizzard has shown her failing struggle with retaining her "humanity" (elfanity?). Of course, the argument for lazy writing can still be made, and I will not dispute this. This story could have been shown better, but I am not as displeased with it as many others seem to be. To me, her story is not "butchered" at all. The character of Sylvanas Windrunner always had this potential in her, and the harder a character fights against the inner monster, the stronger this inner monster will roar back. And it roared alright. I have been expecting a 'move' like this on her end for years now. I think most have. Blizzard's choice in the timing and delivery of this inevitable 'move' is.. interesting to say the least. But I cannot criticize the writers for "going there." To me, NOT "going there" would have been lazy writing, and would have been far too idealistic and naive for her character arc. I am curious where they will take this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionknight View Post
    Guess who burned down Teldrassil. It wasn't Alliance nor Jaina. Nope. The Real Villain who burned down Teldrassil was Sylvanas all long. Yup after all these crazy theories of who burned it down. It was the Banshee Queen herself.

    This isn't much of a surprise since Horde has already started the war of Mass Slaughtering Innocents of Night Elves across Kalimdor and invading their homeland by destroying it. So yea Horde is a evil faction. Sorry to those of the horde players who didn't really see the truth of the faction. As long there's a Warchief doing evil crimes of killing innocents, destroying lands, and wiping out all life on Azeroth. The Horde will never be a honorable faction.

    Yup Sylvanas is Lich Queen 2.0
    Just hope that this time swj alliance leader don't stop Thrall hammer when it's about to crack Sylvanas skull and condemn us to another wod alternate reality.
    Quote Originally Posted by caervek View Post
    Obviously this issue doesn't affect me however unlike some raiders I don't see the point in taking satisfaction in this injustice, it's wrong, just because it doesn't hurt me doesn't stop it being wrong, the player base should stand together when Blizzard do stupid shit like this not laugh at the ones being victimised.

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    Tbh her character is being consistent with how she usually is. Gilneas, Southshore... this isn't really surprising coming from her.
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    No matter the topic, someone will find a way to redirect it to complain about their current aggro.
    got redirected here by someone's signature. Oh my lord, I had forgotten the atmosphere of the player base during the prepatch. There's a few good jokes in here too.

    OT: So much for sylvanas being morally gray, am I right?

    We have only two morally gray characters in the Blizzard universe. Kerrigan and... Illidan.

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