View Poll Results: What expansion/era was the absolutely worst time in your opinion for WoW?

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  • Vanilla

    63 4.35%
  • TBC

    55 3.80%
  • WotLK

    32 2.21%
  • Cata

    264 18.24%
  • MOP

    98 6.77%
  • WOD

    739 51.07%
  • Legion

    108 7.46%
  • BFA (Just starting, why u pick? -_-)

    88 6.08%
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    My order as of today leaving out BfA as I don't give full judgment till its over and done. Worst to best on overall design:

    WoD - Cata - TBC - Wrath - Legion - MoP (This leaves out Vanilla for various reasons)

    My fun experience is different than this ranking, mostly due to Guildies at the time. Cata and Wrath rank pretty high in fun because of the guilds I was in, RL friends playing, and being a raid lead. Next would be end of MoP forward being the most fun as my current guild is super awesome and we have a great time together with some great personalities.

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    WoD. I enjoyed Cata honestly. But WoD, ehhh, the last raid just made want to puke and well, I eventually did, and came back at the last leg with 2 months left on it in prep for the new expac.

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    I enjoyed Legion the least, it was a giant participation award.

    Can you login every x hours to do these repetitive, trivial tasks? yes -> reap the benefits.

    My heroic-raiding friend that played the game 8 hours a day and had a very high level artifact and every legendary loved it. That model isn't for me, so I quit playing and likely won't play BFA either.

    I liked vanilla/wrath the most.

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